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New here! Lots of questions


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My mom was just diagnosed a month ago. She has stageIV lung cancer with mets to the liver. I have lots of questions about this disease and treatments. My mom had a treatment last week and goes for another today. Since last week she has been sick vomiting and very weak. Does this mean that the treatment is working? And if you have been given radiation before can you have it again. She had radiation four years ago. But, the doctor has not mentioned it to us this time. seearching for answers!!!!

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Sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis. My Mum also had cisplatin and gemzar for her first line chemo. Fortunately, she handled it really well. If your Mom is extremely nauseated, be sure and mention it to the Onc nurses as there are meds to help alleviate this side-effect. Everybody responds differently to treatment, but they should be able to keep her reasonably comfortable. I presume she is having the combination on day 1, and just the gemzar on days 8 and 15?? Gemzar tends to be kinder to the system, so hopefully she is over the worst of it for this cycle.

I can't answer your question about radio. Mum has not been offered radio. I know that many stage IV patients receive it, but from what I can gather, it's not necessarily standard treatment for stage IV unless being used for palliative treatment of mets. I have never been sure why it is recommended for some people and not others!

I hope you find the answers you are looking for. If you look at the top of the page, there is a Search icon. This may be of some help in your research.

All the best


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As far as being sick from chemo. Everyone reacts differently. I really do not think there is a correlation between being sick and the effectiveness of the chemo.

Having radiation again depends on if it is in the same area and how much. I do not remember the amount of RADS you can have to one area. If it is needed in a different area it can be done. Dr. Joe (oncdoc)or a radiation oncologist can help clarify my generalities.


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Good questions... keep coming back. Try to keep her hydrated. With whatever she can tolerate. Sometimes room temperature juices are more appealing than cold. Herbal Tea. Water. Broths. Whatever she can keep down. If it appears she is becoming too dehydrated, you may have to take her in for IV fluids. Little sips here and little sips there all add up.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Cindi o'h

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I am sorry about your mom and know how upsetting it can be to get this diagnosis. From what my oncologist told me the side effects are not related to the effectiveness of the drug on any particular cancer. 10 people could take the exact same drugs and have 10 different reactions and 10 different levels of effectiveness. The sickness can mostly be controlled with meds but it is important that she take them before she gets sick. It works best that way. I hope your mother responds well and does what your "name" implys.....kick it in the rear end.


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Hi kickin' I'll echo the above that unfortunately having side effects doesn't mean the treatment is working. Likewise, just because you don't get sick doesn't mean it's not doing anything.

There is a limit to the amount of radiation that a given anatomic area can tolerate. I'm assuming your mom had radiation to the chest? That would not be the best treatment for her right now anyways; since the cancer has spread in the blood stream she needs a treatment that gets the "whole body" i.e. chemo.

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