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Boring day


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What a boring day I have had. My arm was hurting last night; I woke up yesterday morning with it pinned between the bed and wall, so that is probably why. But I couldn't sleep so I stayed up studying and otherwise putzing around until 3 am. But of course, Katie wasn't interested in sleeping in, so up we got at 6:45 as per usual. Which was fine because I had more to do for my seminar this afternoon, ...

Except that at noon we got email that it was cancelled. So I have been here since 8:15 and have had no classes, but my first one is in 45 minutes and then I am subbing for Paul who had the ankle surgery from 8:30-10. I have gotten some reading done and done some tax planning work so I can budget the next couple of months and time payments on property taxes and the like.

So it has just been a long, sleep-deprived, boring kinda day. And now I at least feel better having told y'all about it.


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"My arm was hurting last night; I woke up yesterday morning with it pinned between the bed and wall, so that is probably why."

:D:D:D This made me REALLY laugh! I can't count the times I've awakened to find my arm crooked in some strange position, and wondered why I was dreaming about a sore arm!

I'm almost grateful enough for the laugh to forget that I don't really like you AT ALL because you live in San Antonio and I used to live there myself and I miss it a LOT. Boo hoo. :( (Kidding!) I lived way out in the northeast -- near the Judson and Topperwein exits off I-35 north, on the way to Austin. The little town was Live Oak where I worked, and I lived nearby. I truly love that city, and would love to see it again. The last time I was there (about 10 years ago) it had changed SO much. (I left there in 1987 - ack! where did the time go??)

So, go on, you, and enjoy your San Antonio life. (sniffle)


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Well, we moved to SA in 1986, so our time here overlapped just a little. Of course, Becky and I left in 1994, and it is just in the last six months that I am back. But I live at the O'Connor exit from I-35, so about 2 exits in from your old haunt. And my parents have lived in Coronado Village for 18 years now. So we haunt the same turf. So now when you want to visit you will have a convenient place to stay. (If messy and with dangerous beds that pin arms)


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