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Hey! Where's the Inspiration forum??

David P

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I don't mean to be a pain here, and please, someone tell me if I am, but I can't find all the posts that were contained in the "Inspiration" forum. Shouldn't they have been archived or something? All of the stories of survival that all the newcomers say are so inspirational? Have I missed something - are they hiding somewhere? I thought it was a good idea to have the separate "Inspiration" forum; I'm as spiritual as the next guy, but seeking inspiration might not have anything to do with spirituality and praying. I think that Tiny's skiing story, and Bob's hiking the jungles of Costa Rica story, and yes, even my mountain bike racing stories should be in a forum dedicated to "Inspiration", because that's what I've been told that they are by many, many, people on this board. People want to know that there IS life after cancer, and I think the separate forum catered to that. Now where am I going to put the story about me getting a chance at qualifying for the World Solo 24hr Mountain Bike Race at the end of August, and possibly winning in my category? The World Champion

One Lung Racer? (I'll be tying it in with fundraising for LC research too). All I'll have to do is ride my mountain bike around an eight mile, up and down the mountain loop, for 24hrs without stopping. 12 to 14 laps should do it.

I apologise if I'm being a pain.

Sincerely, David Piercy

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Guest Estrea

sorry, guys...just trying to clean up the boards...have gotten too many complaints that you just don't know where to go when you get here!

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