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Leaving on a jet plane...


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We're leaving, on a jet plane, don't know when we'll be back again....well, we do, we'll be back on Tuesday to get our test results. But guess what? We aren't going to give them a second thought while we get away for a long weekend. We go tomorrow (Thursday) for a full body CT and a bone scan, then we are going straight to the airport and flying to Disney World until Tuesday. I've been struggling so much these past two weeks and want to thank the loving and supportive people on this board that have helped me so much. I'm taking baby steps at putting things into perspective and taking things one day at a time. Bill will probably be in a wheelchair for most of our excursions, but we are going to live it up and cherish every second. I'll be back next week to post a new avatar pic from our getaway along with some GREAT test results.

Love to everyone!

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Your post put a great big smile on my face! :D You sound SO much better. I'm so glad to hear that you are holding your head up high and going away to have a good time. And what a fun, fun place to pick. You will certainly be distracted from any and all worries. Who can worry when visiting such a beautiful fantasy land. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!



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Beth - I am SO GLAD you are going! Nothing like Disney to take your mind off of everything else - great choice!

Dave went to the Virginia State Fair with Faith and his parents and me - rented a wheelchair, actually an electric scooter thing - worked out well, he was able to hang with all of us the whole time. It's a great idea!

Can't wait to hear good results and results of a good time!

God Bless,

Karen C.

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Oh, Beth....I dunno if you're staying right at Disney World...but if you are, do yourself a favor and ask for a morning "wake up call". You won't believe it!! :D

Years ago, we stayed right at the Disney Marina. I called for a wake up call so we could be on time at the golf course :wink: Guess who woke us up?

GOOFY!! :lol: The phone rang, I expected some hotel operator to be on the other end...and a recorded message of Goofy's voice said, "Hey, wake up and get going. You're missing all the fun. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk!!"

I spent that whole dang day with the biggest smile on my face. What a great way to wake up! Still makes me smile. :D

Have a wonderful time...and even if Goofy doesn't wake YOU GUYS up....you can think about Goofy's chuckle....and maybe it will make you smile too! Have a great, relaxing time together!

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