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J.C. ...are you OK?


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I saw your new picture in your profile line and your neck looks awful and SO bruised!!! I hope you have some good pain meds and I hope you are healing quickly.

YIKES!!! many prayers of healing for you my friend.

Much love,

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Hello Katie,

I am doing fine, and all the prayers and good wishes

from the forum really helped me.

The bruises do not hurt now and no pain medicine for me (allergy)

operated twice on the 21st (Oct) an artery was nicked during

the 1st operation and it did nor leaked when they closed,

but my neck on one side got as big as a softball and the second

operation repaired the artery that decided to drip slowly.

Nearly went to see Mike during the second operation, but I

am still down here for a while.

The stitches are out since yesterday, the bruises will go with time,

the paralysis of the mouth will also disappear inside of 3 months,

healing very fast.

All the next tests for the ghostly cancer are for December, so I am enjoying myself now.

Had my first computer lesson last night, so I may get better on

the forum.

Sorry if I miss many of the posts, but will try to catch up.

Will send you another picture when I look more myself.

Thank you for your care.

Lots of love.

J.C. (Jackie)

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Sorry I missed this post, have been trying to keep up with things on the board but sometimes difficult... :oops:

Your neck hurts ME just looking at it. Am so glad that you are not in pain and so sorry that you had such a time with it during your surgery.

Hope you keep feeling 100% better every day....

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