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Update on bellringer (and gerbil runner)

gerbil runner

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Hi, all! Just got off the phone with my mom. Her stent was removed with no problems as far as the dr's were concerned, but...mom has had a lot of pain. I've been talking to her today while she endured great pain. Finally, my dad brought her in to the hospital. After CAT scans and consultation, it seems she is suffering from air coming in to the site where the stent was removed. We're relieved it's not a blood clot or embolism, which was what the dr. had suspected. So now she's home, with a little less pain, but happy to hear that the CAT scans showed nothing unusual.

And as for my being MIA...mom has been ok though tired. She sleeps when she needs to and gets out for fun when she can. All things considered, she's doing well and enjoying herself.

But my husband and I bought a new business, and it's not been fun. We purchased a truck as part of the deal, and my poor husband had an accident with it the first day. Our employee who had been with us for 7 years handed in his notice because he's moving, and the guy we hired to replace him stole over $900 from us. So just as Ed's last day rolled around, we had no replacement. I had to put my 2 youngest into full-time daycare while we work out the mess. Danny and JJ love being at the center, so that's ok, but Bob is a nervous wreck. He's seeing a psychologist for stress-management, and is on his 3rd prescription to help him sleep.

But compared to what was happening a year ago...when my mom was in the hospital with jaundice...and the dr's were telling us that it looked like advanced pancreatic cancer...and she'd be lucky to live more than a few months...it's really not much.

The only reason I'm still up is the Red Sox look like they're going to end "The Curse" and I can't bear to not watch.

Mom's glad to be home for the night (she doesn't even like hotels, so you can imagine how she feels about staying in the hospital), but still in pain. She really needs a break from the "extra" things she's encountered. But we all feel a bit guilty thinking that way when she's been lucky enough to make fast friends with NED. And she's still NED, even though she has pneumonitis and cardiomyopathy.

Sorry to be so long. But now you know. I'm grateful that my concerns are what they are, because I know how minor a business is compared to life and health. I do log on to read every few days. Cat, I pray you will have loving hands to help you fight the beast. Fay, I'm so glad that cancer is not the cause of your immediate problems. Dave C and family, I read your posts and wonder how you manage. May God grant you the strength for all your challenges. Snowflake, Cheryl, Katie, and so many others...I read about your daily lives and updates, and think of you and pray for you.

PS...if anyone needs a phone card to help keep in touch with friends or family...please please PM me. That's our main business.

Thanks for being there for us.

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