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Bone Scan Update

Angie Daughter of Bill

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As you all know, I was really upset about Dad's bone scan. (they saw something and wanted to do x-rays) Well, the area in the pelvis that the tech thought was cause for concern seems to be the met on the iliac crest that we already knew about. However, the onc. nurse says that one is not cause for concern. She did say that the T12 met on the spine looks "different" than the last scan. It looks larger and is "posteriorly something, something". The nurse called me on my cell phone so I didn't have a chance to write it down. (I never have a pen handy when I need one :roll: ) By the time I got home, I forgot what came after "posterior" so I couldn't look it up. :roll:

Sooooo, it does seem that there is progression in the T12 vertebrae. :( The nurse made an appointment for Tuesday of next week. We will be talking to the doctor to see what needs to be done. The nurse said that they might do a CT to look at the T12 a bit closer OR that the onc. might just go ahead and send Dad for radiation.

Dad had a really rough night last night. Please keep him in your prayers. Despite all that is going on, I seem to be handling this pretty well right now. No doubt, the prayers you guys are sending are working. Love to all!!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Angie -

I am sorry to hear that your Dad is having a rough time. Hugs and warm thoughts coming your way for Dad and for you. Glad to hear that there are some options - keep us posted!

BTW - Love the new pic - what a beautiful family!!!

Much Love,


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I'm really sorry to hear this latest news and even more sorry that your dad is having such a rough time. I'm hoping they will get radiation on his spine as soon as possible. My husband got complete relief after radiation to his shoulder met that had actually caused a hole in the bone, and he had severe pain. It was his left shoulder and he is left-handed. He is now back to using that arm almost 100%. I do think he now uses his right arm to start the lawn mower since that activity brought him to his knees in excruciating pain before he had the radiation.

I pray that radiation will happen soon for your dad and he will experience the same type of relief. You're a good daughter to take such good care of your dad.



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Angie -

I'm glad you're doing well. God gives us strength when we need it most. I have discoved this as my dad's illness progressed and his recent death.

I'm sorry your dad had a rough night. I will be keeping your family in my prayers.

What a beautiful picture of your family!

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