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Mom's Scan is Tomorrow -- Pls keep her in your Prayers


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You will definitely be in my prayers.

As for scanning already, my understanding is that if there hasn't been any shrinkage in six weeks or so - which would be typical for two treatments - then that particular brand of chemo will not likely ever be successful. So you are better off switching to something else.

I don't think they would consider stopping treatments altogether unless there is a major health shift with your mom. So probably the oncologist is wanting to decide between continuing with this kind of chemo versus another combination. There are people who know tons more than me, though, and I am sure some better advice will be coming.

Keep breathing.


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Hi Terra,

I think that Curtis has a very good explanation. Hopefully, she will already have been on the right combination. I can remember that I had CT's throughout the treatment, fortunately, we were right on track, and each time a new CT was taken, it was reinforcement that this method was working for me.

Like Curtis said, if it is not working then they will switch to something else from their little black bag.

Take care, and ask away, if you don't understand something, then there is probably someone here who will know.

Cindi o'h

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Am praying for good results on your Mom's test. I noticed you are from Cincinnati. My family is from Ohio and my Dad was treated in Cincinnati for his lung cancer. He had a wonderful oncologist there by the name of Dr. Hawley. He was a God-send and did everything he could for Dad. Sending good thoughts your way.


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Well, it's probably the thing to do, as explained by Curtis. I just remember when Dave was first diagnosed and had treatment in 2003 - he didn't get any scans until he was done with chemo and radiation (which he had concurrently) and when he had that one final CT scan he showed No Evidence of Disease and that was such a cool thing to see!

this time, he just had a CT scan, after completing three of six rounds of chemo, and it showed definite shrinkage. I was disappointed because I wanted to see NED again! Now we have to wait until he's done for NED to come visit again.

Soo, don't be like me and have high expectations, just look for SOME shrinkage and celebrate that!

Karen C.

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Dear Terra,

I think if it is found to be not working they may put her on a different chemo. Dont borrow trouble. It may be working just fine. Your Dear Mother is in my prayers for a great scan and continued better and better scans. Dont be upset if they change her chemo, it just means that the combination is not working and they will try another combination. Please keep us posted as I know you will.

God bless you all,


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I'll be looking for the results to come with good news for your mom. In the meantime, I hope you can all find ways to get the tests off your mind and enjoy life. I know it's a tense time -- hang in there and know that lots of us are thinking of you and praying for the best.


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