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Prayers please (not cancer ) for my aunt


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My aunt has some sudden rare disorder/disease, and I mean RARE, she is in a medically induced coma after having all her plasma replaced completely, on ventilator and dialysis. Something called TTP, similar in presentation to HUS but apparently a different etiology.

She is considered stable but still critical, the doctor said it was a miracle she lived through Wednesday night to the morning. Now she needs to heal the damage that was done. My aunt is in her early-mid 70's, tiny, thin, and has had a very strong constitution. We are very distressed, and puzzled at what this thing is.

All that can help her now is prayer, as it is in God's hands.

Thank you all. I believe in the power of prayer, I believe in you all here.



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Hi all,

Thank you for your prayers. My aunt is slowly improving, they're trying to wean her from the ventilator, she's got a feeding tube, she still is having plasma replacement. She's writing notes when she wants something, so her mind is turned on. They expect she'll be in the hospital for all of November. My fear now is of secondary infection from a hospital bacteria, which can be nasty indeed.

She's still listed as critical but stable, but improving a little bit every day.

Thanks again,



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So glad to hear there's been some improvement in your aunt's condition, MaryAnn. Will hold all good thoughts for her that she continues to improve and get stronger...and that she doesn't pick up anything from being in the hospital!!

Hoping she'll be well enough to go home sooner than the end of the month!

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