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Just from reading the boards, and not based on any personal experience, I would have to say that the pain meds are not working and that your father should contact a pain management Dr. This is a relatively new specialty area and pain relief is possible in almost 100 percent of cases. There are stronger medicines available. Your father may have developed a resistance to the meds he is on.

I am sorry to hear that the cancer has spread and that he is in pain.

I will keep your father, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

love and fortitude


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Did they increase the dosage of Morphine?

I am so so sorry to hear that your dad is not feeling well and I understand that you all must be very upset and disappointed. Please make your dad happy and have a strong spirit.

Don't let him give up soon. Please tell him how important he is to you. Encouraging him and cheer him up. Meet the doctor and I think pain management is the current key key issue to solve.

My prayers are with your dad and you. Hang in there.

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