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????? part 2


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Just imagine trying to reach your breast cancer surgeon while kids are preparing for their parade, and the cell phone doesn't always work in the room, and if you take it out in the hall you will lose the connection . . .

Anyway: ultrasound and mammogram scheduled for Nov 8. I will see the surgeon either the 9th or 11th. She is not worried, but just wants to cover all bases. Confirmed that a CAT scan is not as reliable as a mammo.

Have absolutely decided that this is a pain in the *** and I will NOT become a victim to hysteria, not often anyway. Shed a few tears arranging appoointments, but that's okay--people sat up and listened.

Discussion with hubby was whether to tell sisters---I told him there is nothing to tell!

And that I told you guys!



PS party was great

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That must have been a frustrating phone call :lol:

Gail, glad the party was good. I think you are taking a very healthy approach to all of this. As our beloved Don says, "don't borrow trouble". I know that I spent so much time freaked out over my breast scare this year that by the time they told me all was benign I had wasted a good 3 weeks beside myself with worry. I pray that all is well with you and they are just going to be very cautious (as they should be) due to your history.

Love, prayers, and warm vibes being sent your way.


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this sounds like it's going to turn out to be a big nothing. i wish you didn't have to wait and have follow-up tests, but the good thing is that you're not waiting too terribly long--10 days, but still, that's not too terrible.

I think you have the right attitude--don't give it any more of your time than you have to. You're in my thoughts and I just have a good feeling about this--keep us posted. Get some rest, have some fun. It sounds like this is all just to confirm what they already suspect--and I think they suspect everything is all clear!!!!!

My best wishes for you,


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As far as the anxiety factor--where I go so goes my ativan. Haven't used any yet, but next weekend is a good possibility ....

We in NJ have next Thrusday and Friday off for the teacher's convention in Atlantic City. My 000 addiction may break open :lol:

My poor beloved husband called my sister and told her, so she will tell another sister. I don't like to withold news, but I still don't feel I have anything to tell! Why increase worry?

thanks again guys


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Glad your 000 will be in Atlantic City and not with your test... better to play it safe there, as you're doing! Glad your doctor's not worried, but I can't imagine the stress of waiting. I'm sure all will be fine, and I hope you have good news to report on Nov. 9th. Until then... how good are you at Blackjack? (If you're counting cards, nothing else can be on your mind, right?) Maybe a little gin rummy at home until then...


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Gail, My thoughts are with you. I had my surgeon's appt. Friday and I have a new nodule in my good lung. Too small to do anything but wait. I will get a scan in two months and see what happens. Doc said to start walking to build up my lungs. Sounds a lot like surgery to me. S**t. I had a duct removed from my breast a few years ago and it was benign. Mammo's show up so many things that aren't really a problem. I know it sucks and it's easy to say it's too early to panic, but damn it's hard not too. Keep your spirits up as best you can. Where do you go for treatment? I go to University of Pennsylvania.

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My mom has been right where you are (twice)--and still is alive and nagging. :)

You're doing all the right things--getting the tests (facts) and then taking it from there.

I know you know all of this. I know it is still enough to scare the stuffing out of ya.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. The 8th, 9th, and 11th are your days.

May this pass quickly and uneventfully.

Melinda (and Geoff)

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