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Looking for Maryland Survivors to start support group


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Looking for Maryland survivors to start support group. Specifically, Montgomery County.

I am appauled and disgusted that LC gets no special ribbon, funding, celebrity reps or support groups. How can this be? If LC is the leading cancer, surpassing breast and colon combined?

A girlfriend took me to her breast support group today to hear a speaker.

This groups knows there are no LC groups in my area so they said I could join anyway. Nice gesture, but my God, how can it be that there isnt any groups in this area?

If interested Email directly to:


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Hi Jen, It's been a while since you posted this, I've been away and am just now catching up. I read a very good article in the Toronto (Canada) Globe and Mail a while ago which said everything I'd been thinking about being a second class citizen in the cancer world.

The opening sentences of the article were:

"You've heard of the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer. You've heard of the blue ribbon for colorectal cancer or the sky blue ribbon for prostate cancer. But what about the clear ribbon? The clear ribbon is symbolic of the 'invisible disease' -- lung cancer."

My friend had called to tell me to go online and read this as she said that it was exactly what I'd been saying. Everything I'd ranted about was there.The article then summed up everything I had experienced since dx 3 years ago (yes I'm still surviving). Several people had checked out my chest area when told that I had cancer - I guess to see if they could tell which boob had been 'fixed'! There was a distinct change of attitude when they heard 'lung cancer. Let's not forget the "did you smoke?" question from people who didn't know you well enough to know already!

I'm not sure how we can change the attitudes but go for it, maybe you can change our clear ribbon in MD and it will catch on all over.

The most telling thing for me when I read this piece by Andre Picard was that I no longer live in Canada and he was reporting the exact feeling I had in the US. I guess it's the same all over.

Now what color ribbon do we use? Something eyecatching I think!

Glad to read that you're on the way to long term survivorship-ain't it great, hang in there, the tx's will be over.

take care


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I live in Montgomery cty-just emailed the address posted. My mom is headed towards treatment now and would love to have a group here. Gotta beleive there are lots in the area. How do we start this up? Anyone have any ideas?


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My oncology nurse gave me a ribbon pin with clear rhinestones. She told me the clear color was to celebrate our clearing lungs. I like that. I've made several lung cancer awareness swarovski crystal bracelets for friends and family.

Otherwise, I agree with everything you said. I hate the "did you smoke" comments.

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I have hit the ol' craft store and made a few "clear" ribbons of my own - complete with glitter glue and a rhinestone in the center.

Good luck on getting a support group started. There isn't one in my area, but there are support groups for breast and prostate cancers...

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