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WONDERFUL unexpected news


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Hi Everyone

This last week Mom has been thru the ringer searching for the cause for her back and rib pain. The final say in that is consipation/gas ( a helpful bit of info she failed to mention and i failed to ask) is the cause for her pain. Or maybe a strained muscle. Doc doesnt think its anything serious as all tests came back and showed nothing.

Dr called me at 8:15am and left me a mgs that cat scan looked great, and come in about 12 so we can further decide about pain. Well when we got there I asked the nurse to explain "great", as no fliud, no spreading cancer, what?? He said its beautiful meaning No Evidence of Disease!!!

I almost lost it, I dont know what I was expecting, but after a week of thinking the cancer was spreading and causing this pain, I was just grateful that wasnt the case, just didnt expect this today. This was Mom''s first scan since she began treatment and it was about 5 weeks early, as doc never wanted to do one, wanted to give chemo time to work. Mom will go ahead as planned wens, and have her final dose of chemo and the next week or so we will go in to discuss what are options are as to keeping the horrible monster locked away for good.

If anyone has any ideas, would welcome the help, becasue I think she definatly wants to do everything she can to ensure this happens for as long as possible,.

Thanks you everyone for all the prayers, I have to say they do work, the Power of Prayer has new meaning to me. God Bless and Thank You

This site is the best and I also have given my brother the link to come here, so maybe he or my SIL will stop in soon.

I just wish Mom felt better so we could celebrate!! but that will come soon enough


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