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Bits and Peices

Remembering Dave

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Hello all, I guess we have given y'all bits and peices of our last few weeks so I will fill in some of the blanks.

I am not so sure that going camping was really a great idea. No, thats not exactly true. I had a great time camping. I went up on Thursday and got a sight in the campground and went to set up. When you have a Travel Trailer you must get it level which really should not be that big of a deal but...........I had to use a stack of FIVE 2X8's under one of the axles to get the TT level!! Thats a lot of leveling and quite a bit of back and forth and wok stacking boards etc. . When I got it level I was really pretty poud of myself ( one of those, Da##, I'm Good, moments). I plugged in the Electicity, tuned on the propane and lit the Hot Water Heater and hooked up the water hose. I was pretty wiped out by then, started getting light headed and was really looking foward to chilling out for a while. I turned the water on and got nothing!! I went down the mountain to the office and told the guy there that I had no water, he said he would send someone. I went back up and after a few minutes a guy showed up on a golf cart who had more rings in his face than I thought was humanly possible, rings everywhere. He tried to get the water going unsuccessfully and then said they would give me a new sight which meant I would have to tear down, hook the trailer back up and then set it all up again and I definitely did not have the energy to do that. I sugested we just split off the next sight over. Ring Man went down to the office and came back with a splitter but we played around with my sites water spigot some more and eventually got it going. Turns out Ring Man lived right across from our sight in a RV with his wife and 3 sons aged 3, 5 and 7. Oh Boy!!! I thought. The only sign of the mom for the first 2 days was her hand sticking out of one of the widows of the RV to flick the ashes from her cigaretts.......OH Boy!! The boys kept wandering over to my sight and actually they were petty well behaved but if I were not so worn out, sipping on a few Samuel Adams and if I did not have such a laid back personality I would have been pretty upset with the intrusions. Karen and Faith came in Fiday night and the boys came over as soon as they got there and just fawned all over Faith. The 3 year old hung out Saturday night and he and Faith played until bedtime, Again, no sign of mom, which actually was pretty nice since he kept Faith occupied which gave Karen a break. Ring Man and his family actually made for good people watching. On the way home was when the trouble started. We had a flat tire on the Trailer. I had to change the tire twice due to the spare was flat. It seemed pumped up when I put it on but when the weight was put on it it was flat sooooooooooooo I had to jack up the traile AGAIN, took it off, went and pumped it up and then put it back on again. Needless to say that wore me plum out, Oh did I mention it was misting? We finally made it home and the I got up the next day and went and had my chemo. I felt so bad from Monday all the way to Thursday afternoon, I mean really really bad and I know it was from the camping trip and the flat tire coupled with the chemo and Monday and chemo the previous week. If I could do it over I would do it in a heart beat though. It was worth every minute of feeling like crap, You have to live every minute to the max, no matter how bad you feel.

When I met with My Onc this week he was so impressed that we went camping that he said he was going to increase my dose of Cisplatin for my last 2 rounds of chemo. I said for him to Sock It To Me but am not looking forward to getting more Cisplatin. I had my hearing checked and have had some high fequency hearing loss but I attribute that to playing in bands for 15 years and not from the Cisplatin.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Keep a positive attitude and thanks for all the encouraging words, good thoughts and prayers, They really do mean a lot.

David C

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Man David, that saga wore me out just reading it!! Felt bad that you had to work so hard on several occasions so that you could enjoy yourself..nothing comes without a price, huh?? I like the IDEA of camping but don't think I would actually like the practice of it. My sister and I just tried to "rough it" on the twin beds at the lodge at the lake and ended up fleeing in the middle of the night to the Hampton Inn. We're just not the hearty sort I guess... :shock::lol:

Oh well, am glad your back safe and sound from your adventures...

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Your trip sounds like one we took many years ago (before I came to my senses) with small chiildren and our dog. We got to the site and it started raining. Campfire went out and so we boiled the hot dogs on the stove. My ex husband was an alcoholic so his evening was over about 8pm. My small children and I sat up most of the night while tornadoes roared overhead and the dog came into heat. How the male dogs in the camp ground knew that (she was in the trailer) is a mistery to me but they all surrounded the camper and howled all night. I was scared to death of the weather. When I finally got my ex to wake up it was around 6am and I finally convenced him to leave. He got out in the rain and unhooked everything and we finally got home. That was my LAST camping trip. :)

I am so sorry you got so darn tired. It sounds like you had to work very hard for a guy on chemo. I hope you feel better soon and that the extra doses don't knock you flat. Praying for you every day.


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David, David, David.

Thank you very much. Because of your wonderful, "what can go wrong next" story, combined with your continued chemo treatments and everyone elses dealing with cancer life stories, I no longer have bad days. When I'm having a tough day I simply recall your situation to remind myself how truely inspirational you guys really are; and my seemingly tough set of circumstances are a mere flash in the pan compared to what you and others are living with daily. Thanks for that David, and stay strong. The relaxing with the Sam Adams sounds pretty good too. Take care David.

David P.

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Sounds like typical camping fun! I usually use a tent and air mattress when I go. I love the sound of REAL country music (crickets, frogs and owls). Careful with that extra dosing, hope it doesn't flatten you too bad. Keep fighting, we love the inspiration you and your wonderful family provide!



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Now I understand why I could never get Len to go camping -- I just put it down to his being a "city boy" -- but it was simply common sense! Since we're charter members of the "Anything that can go wrong WILL..." club, I'm sure our camping experience would have been somewhat similar but without the coping skills to deal with it. You have my utmost admiration!

Hope you're beginning to recover from it all and that the upped cisplatin is taking too heavy a toll. Get through it so you can go out and torture yourself some more!


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Geesh, David, what a trip! Flat tires, leveling the trailer, Ring Man's kids, sounds like a nice relaxing time! :lol: Seriously, I am soooo glad that you got a chance to escape for a bit. Saying prayers for you to handle the extra dose well..........also prayers for an uneventful camping trip next go round. Hey, you can always look on the bright side.........it's a trip that you will NEVER forget!! :lol:

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Yep, that's my brother! He actually ENJOYs that camping trip, comes back and hears the doctor say he wants to increase the cisplatin, and says, "Bring it on!" If I didn't already know he was crazy, here's confirmation, right? :lol: (I love crazy folks. Bring 'em on!)


P.S. Go, David, Go!

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I have to say, David, you're one determined soul. And boy am I glad!

I've never really had any kind of an urge to do the travel trailer thing, probably because I've not really had any exposure to the experience. However, I have to admit to having some thoughts of "trying it out" simply because of your wonderful posts. Even through all the trials, you have a good time and are building wonderful memories for little Faith.

Good luck with the "upped" chemo, although I just had to shake my head at your agreeing to it. Just save your resources this time, will ya?!

Praying for us all,


P.S. If I ever get to the point where we buy a travel trailer, I'll be sure to have the commission sent to you!

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