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Adjuvant chemo started...


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Got first taxotere Mon.....hit me thurs. morn. , fatigue very heavy, can hardly walk around house...doze off every time I slow down, sit..heh

Funny thing, it makes me shorter of breath too, and I dont need that, already runnin on one cylinder. Feel Like Im on the edge of panic every time I move around house a bit., trying to breath deeper.

Oh, well, hope it only lasts couple days....cause gotta go back in Mon. for another, probly cisplatin..not sure yet. Gonna make sure it doesnt add same side effects, not much room for more of same..heh.

Trying to hold the back pain in check with meds till after chemo regimen, I guess...not a good time to do nerve block injuections, get infection, etc. K...jus to update yall. More latta...Rich B.

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Sorry to hear you're having a rough time, but please try to remember, this does get over with. Are you taking your anti-nausea meds whether you need them or not? That was the key to functioning with me--take the zofran for 3 days following chemo, whether I felt sick or not. It kept me from getting real sick. I had my chemo on Thursday, and usually worked on Friday, but Sat and Sun I mostly laid around and by Monday I was back up and at work.

Lots of fluids too--helps with the stomach thing, and the blood counts, and all that, plus, dehydration is not pretty......

Hang in there--


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Its not fun...no one ever says it is a breeze...but it is worth it. I truly believe I would not be alive today if I hadn't done it myself. Tell the doc or nurses how you are feeling. It might be your WBC or RBC. If so, there are meds for that. Like everyone said, drink plenty of liquids and take that antinausea medicine before you get sick.


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I know this response is a little late, however I agree that you should give your doctor a call if your breathing is harder than before. I did have a similiar reaction and found out that my red blood cells were low and needed a transfusion.

I hope your recovery from the chemo is speedy. I will be thinking about you.


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