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Hall pass and hugs sand kisses


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Hi everyone,

So my intent for Halloween at the office today was to be "Lung Cancer awareness" in my blue LCSC t-shirt (on sale at the LCSC store) and my Relay for Life hat; my lung cancer bracelet (thank you Andrea B) and the Live Strong yellow band.......In reality I just felt like taking advantage of the opportunity to "dress up" in costume and come to work casual instead of a suit.

Well I am fluffy (chubby) and have curly hair. I worked so many hours this week and got dressed this morning in a hurry and just shoved my hat on. Turns out everyone thougth I was Michael Moore with the t-shirt, jeans, and hat!!!!!! :twisted:

Anyway, taking a hall pass--leaving in the morning for San Francisco with Brian, returning late Wed night.

I know I am not posting as much as I used to...sort of taking time to take care of myself and get past episodes such as asking my ob/gyn 3 times if he is sure it is not cancer when he did an ultrasound for infertility workup and said "oh, those back areas should not be there" and declared me to have polycystic ovaries :) Ok, fine, I may have asked 3 times one visit and 1 time teh next, but 4 was it ;) And I swear, I only read the internet for a few hours on the topic :D OK, ok, it was a few hours b/c Brian made me stop and Karen C (thank you Karen) e-mailed me and explained to me how it looks different. :oops: Heehee.

Anyway, enough of my neurosis. I am lurking and checking on the news of everyone and posting and PMing here and there.

Just wanted to send my love, hugs, kisses, and cancer cure wishes to you all!

And lastly, nothing new to update on my mom, she is status quo, scans in Dec.


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Okay....a typo! LOL

I kept wondering what "sand kisses" were. I've heard of sand dollars, sand crabs, sand dunes... I'm guessing it was "hugs AND kisses"!

Have fun on your mini-vacation! Michael Moore...nah, you'da been carrying a CAMERA! :wink:

Take care!


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