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Surgery Monday!!


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I went to the surgeon Thurs for tests to see if my breathing was up to par for surgery and had the echo and stress test done. Everything was good!! My breathing has improved :D to the point where he's scheduled my surgery for this Monday, Nov 1 instead of Nov 8. Ths tumor has gotten a little bigger :cry: so he said we needed to get it out!! He said they would keep me in SCU the first night just as a percaution because of my breathing.

I was taken by surprise and didn't even find out how they close the incesion on the back or the lung. Can anyone give me some insight on this? All the paperwork they gave me says I'll have to cough and breath deep, is there a chance that will open the incesion in the lung? I hope I don't sound really dense, but feel that way because I didn't ask more questions of the Dr.

My daughter, Jeri, will post an update Monday evening or Tuesday morning. She will probably have a lot of questions after she sees me all hooked to tubes and oxygen. She will be one of my caretakers after surgery. I told how wonderful everyone here is.

Thanks for any after surgery information anyone can give me!

Hugs and prayers.

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Hi Paula, so glad you are going to get to have surgery. My first surgery 4 years ago (removed upper left lobe) they enclosed the incision with either stitches or staples (can't remember which). Please be sure to specify paper tape if you are allergic - they pulled skin off with the tape when they took the bandage off. The skin tear hurt worse than the incision. My last surgery in June, they went in the same place but this time they closed it up with liquid skin - no bandage. It worked great. Do the deep breathing and coughing-it won't hurt a thing inside or the incision and it is absolutely necessary to keep the lungs expanded. Hope I have helped. Oh, the hospital bed can be pretty uncomfortable after surgery - the second time I requested an air mattress and that sure helped. Good luck and saying prayers for you. Please let us know how things come out.

Love and Hugs,

Nancy B

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My lung surgery was sealed up with disolvable stitches - you will probably have two drains as well, these will be placed on the rib area under your arm. The first one should come out after about a week then the second one will be removed when the liquid in your drain is under 100. Everyone on my ward had two physiotherapists come back to the bed after the op along with a nurse. These two physios move your legs around and get you to cough (they go through this procedure with you even though you are groggy) this helps to stop embolisms forming in your lungs and gets the mucous from the anaesthetic flowing instead of pooling which lessens the risk of infection. They put you into an adjustable bed and you have to sleep upright - again to stop the secretions from pooling. You have your own physio who visits you several times a day. They give you a large towel which you fold over and put around your wound, then they work with you to cough up the secretions. Don't worry, they will show you what to do. You'll soon be a dab hand at it. The scar isn't too bad, it doesn't go around to your chest area as they go in under the arm and part the ribs to get at the lung - this of course is assuming you are having this procedure done. There are other ways such at just taking a segment away, and different surgeons do these procedures in different ways, but thats what I had done. Hope this info helps.

Good Luck - Hope all goes well for you

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Hi Paula,

I am glad that you are fit for the surgery...good girl.

Sorry, I have no experience in what to expect. My lungs are still there.

Just want you to know that I will be sending only good thoughts your way and hoping that your discomfort will be to a minimum. You are very brave and your attitude is wonderful. I am looking forward to hearing from Jen and I hope that the good people on this board will rally around her and welcome her. You may want to ask her to post under newcomers so that everyone knows who she is..

God bless and I will be looking for you to get up on your feet soon..

Cindi o'h

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HI; Its a good thing to be able to get that thing outa there, of course...its no easy experience, but try to keep faith , from your earliest wakening, that the med. staff will be doing the essential things to sustain you, move you along in your recovery. They dont always explain a lot, specially docs, but you find that the necessary things are being done.

I had that same fear, that coughing could open something up again...apparently they fortify with staples, stitches, etc., so that cant happen....noone ever cautiouned me to "cough carefully', heh...fact, the better the cough, th e better, I guess.

That is not to say that some of the lesser things are sometimes not stressed enuff...I was sent home without any inhaler therapy (albuterol), or any guidance on "range of motion" excercises which help keep the muscles from healing too tightly, thus restricting motion of arm, etc...Youll learn about those things soon enuff after youre up from recovery room.

Important thing is to ask...demand to know if you wonder about things...if you read something that isnt being done...ask why...(they dont always match the brochures., due to diff. epuip., etc..) Most med. staff enjoy helping you suceed, but sometimes...well, youlll know if youre not getting the proper attention/response to your care.

From my first memory after surgery, I did not want to lay in a bed...made them get me a comfy recliner chair. Dont be afraid to ask for this....patients with respiratory problems/surgeries often are uncomortable laying down...they know this. I also had aggravated back pain, and we brought in a lumbar cushion to help...and it reallly did.

Finally; Pain...yes there is pain for sure....but they will help you manage it with heavy medications....I had a back catheter put in before surgery..to pump in morphine later when I needed it. They also give you meds as you need them. Nurses are the key for pain relief, and most are generous with meds....again, youre the judge if youre getting enuff or need to deman d more.

And; try not to worry/fear too much....sure its a little bewildering and scary...but youlll quickly adjust to the new 'you'. And will be tired of all the tests to ensure your progress that they do soon enuff...heh.

Best of luck and least of discomfort to you thru this surgery...Rich B.

P>S> Im 4 mos. out from surgery...still sleeping in my recliner...you get used to it, if this happens to you.

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Hi Paula, I had staples and dissolvable stitches. I worried about the same thing but was assured that it wasn't a problem and it was fine. I didn't have any trouble with the surgery. I have a new nodule and may have to have surgery to remove another lobe. I won't know until January. I don't think the second surgery will be as good as the first one. Try not to worry too much. I agree that the hospital bed was uncomfortable but I managed fine. I had a nurse's aid help me to wash my hair after two days. That made me feel much better. Attitude is very important. I wanted out and pushed myself. You will do fine and be home before you know it. Good Luck. I'll be thinking of you.

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Paula,Hi and good luck Monday.I feel it best to get the dang thing outta there.They closed my incision with super glue.Make sure you have access to a good pillow to put under your arm when coughing.(hurts like heck & the pillow helps a lot).They make you cough alot to prevent pneumonia from setting in.I also didn't sleep in bed for a couple months after surgery.Slept in a recliner.

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Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences with me. I'm really scared and nervous, but hearing your experiences and advice lets me know I'll make through this!!! I've got my Teddy Bear, soft and fluffy and one of the new Care Bear Cousins, Brave Heart going with me.

We'll be leaving for Birmingham in about an hour, it's four hours from here, staying the night in a motel, and going to the hospital at 5:45 in the morning. My daughter will post to the New Members Board when she gets back home and let you all know how I'm doing. It's going to be a GREAT report!! I'll be glad to get this thing out of there!! :D

Thank you again for your help and please keep us in your prayers.

Hugs and Prayers to all

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