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Question about Iressa side effects


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Hi everyone,

Before I ask my question about Iressa, I just want to say what a wonderful time I had in Maui. I'm so glad I went. I got to snorkel and parasail. What a blast.

Now I'm back to reality. Started Iressa 8 days ago. After 3 days, I started to get the "Iressa acne" on my face, mostly my chin. Does anyone know if it eventually goes away? Or, once you get it, do you have it until you go off the drug? Also, I have gotten big bags under my eyes which obviously are from retaining fluid. I'm not noticing swelling anywhere else except possibly my neck seems a little swollen. No other symptoms. I have been sneezing some, but I wouldn't expect the bags under my eyes to get like this. The only time they get this swollen is after a good cry and I haven't been crying. Anyone got any ideas? I'm going to try to get in to see my onc. the first of the week.

Thanks for your replies!


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Someone else asked a similar question not too long ago and the answer on the rash was that it had gone away for some and not for others. John has always had it in some way, either the dry red skin or the bumps. It changes but doesn't seem to leave.

Not sure on the eye swelling...that's a new one.

I am glad you had a good time in Maui.


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Hi Cathy. How wonderful you went to Maui. My kids lived in HI for several years and we got to go visit 3 times. It was so wonderful!

I hope the Iressa works for you as it is for my hubbie. The rash went away for him; he didn't have the eye bag thing except at the beginning before he was diagnosed correctly. Now he looks great after being on it since June.

Best wishes to you and happy halloween :!:


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I just started Iressa 4 weeks ago and started getting the rash two days into it. The rash I ended up with absolutely miserable. It was like 1000 small little pimples all over my face, neck, back and shoulders and scalp. It itched to beat the band. My normal doc was out of town and her collegue wanted me to be "patient" to see if the rash would run it's course - it didn't!

Fiinally my doc prescribed a gel for acne that seems to be taking care of the rash. Been on it for 4 days and it has helped tremendously. Doc stated that the rash may come and go - everyone is different though.

As far as the swelling - no clue on that one.

Good luck to you and hopefully the rash doesn't get too bad.


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Hi Cathy,

Glad you had a good time in Maui.. One of my brothers had a parasailing business in Ka'anapali. I am glad that you got to go. I got my diving certification in Hawaii. Is it not beautiful? Did you snorkel out to the little island there? Takes me back..... 8)

Well, I have to agree with Lisa... there is something, somewhere, in the back of my head that says swelling in the face should be looked at by the onc. when it comes to lc.

Welcome home, again.

Cindi o'h

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Thank you to all who responded. As a follow-up, I saw the onc. today. He agreed that we needed to cancel the photo shoot for the cover of Cosmo next month. LOL. It helps when they have a sense of humor.

He is taking me off Iressa for one week and will see me again in 1 week. He thinks the eye swelling (which is quite red) is related to the Iressa and the beautiful rash I have on my face. I have also gained 6 lbs in a week which is apparent in the water retention in my face and around my neck area.

I will keep you informed! Thanks again for your support. You are my extended family!


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