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Thecal Sac


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Donna, I couldn't have described the Thecal Sac any better. Bottom line though "It aint good"

My plan is to keep my Kick A-- attitude, treat for pain, shrinkage & try to stay ahead of it all for a while & have fun. It's my journey and as another friend who battled C said it doesn't go away, you just gotta live with it.

My husband who has bee stuck on a tugboat this whole time in 40'seas will finally fly into Portland tonight!!!! Yipeeee. This will take alot of the pressure off his parents as I'm not allowed to drive right now. Plus he is always fun to have around.

After Rad I'm hoping to do my chemo in Ketchikan. One day at a time. I must say, the shopping is wayyyy to good down here!! The Woodburn outlet mall is just down the road!!!!

Onc Doc.

Joe, Any comments to this? What's your take?

All of you take care & I'll now try to cach up on all the posts.

Rachel Sending prayers & the best positive energy I can muster.

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A kick *ss attitude willl take you far. I am wishing you success with the radiation and chemo. Hang in there Rachel...want you here at the next Michigan Bash (who else is gonna sneak in the kitchen and do the dishes?). Wishing you all the best. I am glad your husband will be home soon.



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