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Ry if anyone can help me, I have come to know it’s you.

My treatment is becoming more aggressive. I am exhausted but that is because I am fighting.

I am urgently, fervently asking for an official hall pass at least until early 2005.

I am under care provided by an outstanding cancer center,

Iam being given help in every aspect of this disease.

Only one problem–

I need to be selfish and allowed to rest.

This is an absolute necessity.

I love you guys and all your support.

I said before and I say firmly:

Just because I do not respond to Pms, e-mail, phone calls,letters---—many.many,many-----does NOT mean I’m sick. It means I am working with professional to get better and taking their advice

I appreciate all you have done for me. Right now I am invoking Hall Pass.

I won’t post, Email, write letters, answer phone, visit lchelp through this time. My email is being blocked at the server level so I won’t even see it.

Okay after 20 years with law enforcement in investigations, I do overdue things!!!:-).

I love you all, will keep you in my prayer.

Okay, Ry, hall pass please.


Ry could you sticky this post or something to be sure people remember?

I'm leaving it to you.


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Sounds like a miracle in the making!

Now I wish you would let me know how to suddenly find a wonderful medical team at the bottom of my barrell right here near the geoprahic center of the United States.

I mean if you can do it, then there's hope for me, too, huh?


But I did always wonder-- because I thought that besides a plethora of plastic surgeons, that Fl also had many good oncs. Glad you have found not only one, but a team!

Rest up, fight up and leave a forwarding when you move.

For the selfish part, I was hoping the two of us could help each other through treatment because I am hoping to get started on something that at least will make me feel better.

I have found, like you found, that there are questions in regard to my pathology. I never even thought of that, strange, huh?? I merely got second opinions of the operability.

Wishing you well.

love and fortitude


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I'm not sure why I am responding to this post as I saw it earlier and did not. I am wondering why I am posting if you will not be visiting here any more to read it.

I have to say I am hurt. I know full well this has nothing to do with me but has everything to do with your fight against this beast. My being hurt are just my selfish feelings.

Having cancer is a horrible thing to have to go through and I became very concerned about you as soon as I knew you lived alone. My heart ached for you, the lonliness you must be experiencing going through this all alone. That is one thing I never let my Brother do was go to any treatment alone. Even the radiation he had to his back that only took but a few minutes I was there so he had someone to share his thoughts with, his fears if he chose and to just feel loved. Loved........ The most important thing one person can give one another.

We have been friends Cat and I have tried from afar to let you know how much I cared about you. It was great to talk on the phone and I thought that would help you feel more connected. You told me yourself before we hung up that it had helped you.

I guess I walk away scratching my head wondering why you make the choices you do. Your choice to be alone.

On the flip side I am glad you are getting your rest. Glad you have a good medical team helping you and supporting you.

I want you to know because I have not had the opportunity to talk with you that Haylee has written me several times about you and expressing her concern as has Nell. Margaret (Country girl) sent me $20 to buy you a phone card which I purchased and never got your address to send it to you. I know you gave it to me once but when you changed your name in here all those PM's dissapeared.

This is just my opinion and maybe I am talking a lot out of hurt but I think You still need a support system as you have here along with your medical team, great cancer center and all the rest you need.

There is just nothing like talking with another person who cares and knowing you have so many caring for you and praying for you.

I will continue to pray for you and will not try to contact you in any way.

God, Please take care of our Cat.

God Bless you Cat,


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I will keep you on my prayer list and keep you in my thoughts. I hope that at some point you change your mind and just post an update every now and then. You don't have to take the time to read all the letters etc just let us know how you are doing. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. If we can help you just let us know. You have my phone number.


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