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Let the Readers Decide!!!!!!


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Well Frank,

It's Oct 31. Spooky, huh, how the month flew by! I got my last minute jokes in the last couple days- Just in time for Halloween and the election on Tuesday. AND as it just so happens--in time for the monthly tally to see who reigns supreme: men or women. Of course Ry, Debi, Cindi, Becky, Amy, Nina, Fay A. (probably left some regulars out, sorry) and I already know the answer to that, but in the past, we have let you guys dilly dally around with Pinkerton et al.

However. I got to thinking that maybe the most democratic of all would be to run a three day sticky poll and let the readers decide: who was the funniest for the month of October. I think this is just as important, if not more so, than which of the two "losers" win the presidential election on Tuesday. :D:D

So in the spirit of the election season, let's give it a try!

The polls on here only let members vote once and there's no chads to worry about, so come on Frank, let me do a sticky poll, okay?

After all, I still haven't heard a word about that spread sheet you've been workin on!


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Elaine,Happy halloween to you too.If you want to do a sticky poll that is fine & dandy with me.Seems like a good idea.I'll get on the phone tomorrow & tell the panel of judges they are laid off this month,( I'll tell the blondes they get no $ cause they are off ).I'll call Pinkerton-Pinkerton & whatcha ma call em & tell em no security needed this time.

PS:If you know how to do a spreadsheet (I dont,just learned to paste & copy) on the results of the 3 day poll then Ry would be happy.Sounds like a winner to me.

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