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Happy Halloween from the PoultryGeist

Fay A.

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Albino Big Bird!!! HA! But now that you mention it....it does look like that from a distance...

You need a Scream Mask, a vinyl chicken beak, a hot glue gun, a white feather boa (or 12), red felt for the wattle and comb, a white sweat suit, and many, many black plastic spiders to make a PoultryGeist costume. Toilet paper might have added a nice molting like touch, though. I'll save the idea for next year. :wink:

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Watch out! If Debi gets wind of this, she just might have you chicknapped and sent via UPS to someone on her "deserves a chicken" list!

You, too, Fay.

Of course if I were a chicken (which I am--a whole other sort), I doubt Debi could afford the shipping. Which is good, I don't really want to end up on Frank's porch. (not that Frank deserves chickens--Ha!)

Don't forget to peck out the chads on your ballot today!


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If you DO end up on Frank's porch, PLEASE do NOT post a picture of him in a cowboy hat!! (...OR the boots!)...

Addie & Fay,

Love you chicks! Birds of a feather, ya know...

I think if I was a bird, I'd be...a seagull! They're noisy things that draw attention and sh*t on whomever they please....sometimes, THAT would be a welcome change...hehehe...after all, I DO have a Bird Sh*t List with windshields and heads of my victims listed in berry juice... :shock:

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I can't take credit for the PoultryGeist idea. The term was actually created by a lady named Barb Miller. All I did was come up with a costume to embody it, and write a few stories with the PoultryGeist as the character. But she's the one who put the ideas into my head by coming up with the term "PoultryGeist".

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