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want to organize something


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Hi guys,

can any of you, who have organized an event, lead me in the right direction? I logged onto the lung cancer walk site http://www.lungcancerwalk.org/

and see you can do one in your area.

Does anyone know if I have to be living in the city? Etc?

Since I am kinda stuck in Europe right now?

anyhow, Mom's best friend and I are definately going to do something, probably a walk in Tucson, and I am still trying to use my Hollywood connections to get something big going, but even a small event will help.

any pointers?

Tanks, (Tanks is my Irish side saying thanks )

HUGS Steph

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Hi Steph,

I would suggest going back into the website and hitting "contact us" for answers to the questions you have!

Renee is the founder of the website and organizer of the Chicago walk. I'm sure she would be thrilled to learn of your interest in doing something!

To answer one of your questions -- NO...you do not have to be living in a city. I live in a suburban area, about 15 minutes across the bridge from Philadelphia. I am having my event at a County Park. I know of someone in Florida who expressed interest in forming something and wanted to have the walk down the streets of her town. Anything we can do to make our voices heard is well worth the effort!

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