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The Funniest Sex!


Who gave you the most laughs in October?  

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  1. 1. Who gave you the most laughs in October?

    • Women
    • Men

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I knew I would get your attention with the HEADLINE.

It's time to vote! Which of the two genders gave you the most laughs in October?

If you haven't been following the Just for Laughs Forum, take a peek before you vote.

It might just brighten your day. It does mine!

September was funny too! So go back and get loads of laughs!!

It helps the cure!

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Who gave you the most laughs in October?

Okay, obviously it was jokes by the women in this particular forum, but I find that MEN are the biggest jokes and therefore give me the most laughs... hmmmm....

So, I was fair in my voting, I voted for my gender...

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Elaine,I wanted to repeat from other thread that I do think you had a very good idea about letting the readers vote on the winner of Octobers jokes.Unlike Becky I did have to vote for the guys.( not only were the guys jokes better we are probably outnumbered by quite a bit on this one.)

PS: I fired the panel of judges & the security firm until further notice.

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To me, it isn't just the jokes that are funny, but also the jokesters that follow. Don can usually come up with a short, sweet addition that will be sure to give me a chuckle...then too, there has been Curtis who can get me to belly laugh once or twice.

But, Fay has had her share of quick witted remarks...the egg comes to mind....that one had me clapping my hands, squeeling and a little tear...

Okay, it's easy. It is the girls.

But, I would like to encourage everyone to keep it up...at this rate of good laughter, my cancer will never come back...thanks everyone.

Cindi o'h

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Hmmmm...thanks for the weekend suggestion, Fay. NOBODY give Cookieman a heads up (ROFL) to what's going on...

That leads to motorcycle chaps and a leather collar (hehehe)...

Or cowboy chaps and that infamous cowboy hat...

Oh goody, November is going to be fun...if I EVER get into my new house! :wink:

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Gee, Elaine, I thought you were asking for our funny sex stories!!! :lol: As for the poll..........it's a no brainer........the girls win!!! Don't give up guys, I love your jokes.........but hey, I'm a woman. Us girls have to stick together. I have a feeling that with this new way of voting, the guys have won for the last time. :)

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