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House is haunted now?


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Hi, I'm kinda of a lurker, Some of you may remember me when my husband Joe was sick with NSCLC..my husband passed away two years ago next Thursday. I know this sounds strange but my house in haunted now. It wasn't always like this, Joe's girls just left Maine to move to Colorado so I'm the only one here (his girls are from a previous marriage). I live about three miles from the memorial site. I've had weird things happening in the house. Shapes in front of my bed, doors closing without reason, oven timers going off without anyone touching them. This only started after Joe's grown girls left the area (I kinda knew he would be with them after he died when they were here). It seems now that he's come back to me. I have a fiance who is being somewhat understanding, though very freaked out by the occurances in the house. It's only a small two bedroom ranch so you can see that when things happen, it's very obvious. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Am I losing my mind? How do I know it's Joe? And this isn't even the house me and Joe shared. I bought this after he died. I don't want him to be restless....I know you guys are going to think I'm nuts but it' really making me uneasy....any suggestions? (Please don't think I'm losing it) After two years, I thought everything was okay...now it seems it's not and the activity is getting worse all the time..Yikes! I loved my husband, but I don't love being haunted! This is not a Halloween prank, I'm being very serious.... :(

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Hi. I can't help a lot but I assure you I don't think you are crazy or playig a joke. I doubt if the spirit is Joe. Joe would make himself known, wouldn't he? I hope you don't think I am crazy after I give a couple of suggestions. I don't know these things work, they are just things I have heard.

Perhaps you can talk to the spirit. If it is earthbound, it might just be (probably is) lost or confused. Be kind - or be authoritive, but make it clear it has to go. If it is lost, it can go to any funeral home, there is a passage there to the other side, because so many spirits go through there, one way or another ...

I have also heard that people address problems like these with prayer for spiritual help for you and for the spirit or have a religious person bless the house.

I am curious, will you let us know what you do and how it worked out? Blessings, Margaret

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I don't think its Joe either. Why would he haunt you? If you are in another house its probably someone who's lived there before, or lived there when they died. Sylvia Brown says to tell them to go on to heaven, that they don't belong here. I guess they don't know they are dead.

The spirit can't hurt you anyway! The main thing to remember is, Its NOT Joe! :wink:

Good Luck! (Where's Ghost busters when you need them?) :roll::lol:

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Thanks everyone for the info, I did some searching on the old house and did find that a prior resident did pass away there..yikes. At least it's not scary stuff. I kinda knew it wasn't Joe either maybe I was hoping and not hoping at the same time..it's been two years since he passed away and it seems like yesterday sometimes :( ..oh well, at least my resident ghost keeps me occupied.....Thanks everyone for good humor and good suggestions!

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