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Calling All Supplement Guru's

Amy P

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When I was at the Dr last week (for my first case of bronchitis of the winter season :( ) and the nurse wanted me to start on some vitamins called Juice Plus - well my immunologist didn't seem to hip on them esp. since they are pretty expensive (~$170 for a 4 mnth supply) he thought a regular multi vitamin would suffice. So I thought I would pose the question to those of you who take supplements...

What, if anything, do you take to boost the immune system? Does a regular multi vitamin work or is there something more specific to take. Looking for any suggestions...

Thanks in advance!

Much Love,


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Well, Lucie takes a multivitamin and I take JuicePlus. I do think it has helped my immunosystem. I have been taking it for at least 3-4 years now. Lucie went on the multivitamin (Centrum) when she started chemo two years ago and is still on it. So, I guess either one would be good. Don

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I was on Juice Plus for a while. It can't hurt. There are many fruit/citrus and veggie extracts on the market. I stopped only because I started taking OPC-3 (billberry extract, red wine extract, citrus extract bioflavinoids and grape seed extract) and ORAC (different berry extracts). Both of these are super anti-oxidants. The benefits have been published on PubMed, so I switched to those. Also, they come in Isotonix form so the delivery is much faster to my system and my body can absorb 95% of it, as opposed to pills, where your body usually can only absorb 20%.

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i am taking something called Panacea

it is pretty new and boasts everything we need

i just started it about 3 weeks ago

my nails are stronger and growing fast

my hair is much shinier than before

and my skin looks good

the adverts say its an all in one organic multi vitamin in liquid form that is absorbed compleatly by the body

i plan to stay on it


check the site out

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Wow. That looks really interesting. The only thing is that I read studies that too much of the "B" vitamins and folic acid is not good for lung cancer. But the rest of the ingredients look great. I have an appointment with my herbologist on Nov. 10th and I printed out the ingredients to show him. Thanks!

I know since I started the OPC, my nails and hair have grown so much and my skin is so much better also. Maybe it's the grape seed extract, cause that's in both of them. Or just cause they both purge the free radicals. I'm going to ask my herbologist if I can take both. I'll let you all know what he says.

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I use something called "the Green Zone". It's a powder that you mix with water and drink. It's full of everything!! Shiitake mushrooms, grape seed extract, Royal jelly etc. If you read the label it will amaze you with all it's good stuff. It's not real expensive and pretty available where I live. You may want to just take a look at it.

It seems to make my hair and nails really nice... and thank goodness it seems to be helping my immune system.

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I also take something similar that has all that stuff and more in it called Complete Greens. I guess they are all pretty much the same. I go by what my herbologist okays. The OPC, ORAC and Complete Greens I found on my own, but I checked with him and he said they are good and I can take them. Other stuff I run by him he tells me are a waste of money.

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I drink a can of boost (Chocolate is my favorite) each day and I take 1 oz of Miracle 2000 each day. Selenium is fast becoming a known mineral of fighting and slowing down cancer growth and both products have selenium and a balance of other recommended vitiams.

God Bless All and keep the faith.


PS During treatment I did not take any vitiams except my can of boost each day figuring it is made by Mead Johnson which is owned by Bristol Myers which makes a large amount of chemo. I hoped that it was designed to work with the chemo and repair only good cells. I was afraid that too many vitiams might make the cancer cells better and stronger. This is my opinion and there are no facts that I know of to back this up but my onc kept telling me during my treatment that whatever I was doing keep it up cause I am cancer free now. What is your ideas?

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