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NSCLC IIIB diagnosis - Continue to be CANCER FREE!


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Today was my Mom’s 3rd – 3 month post treatment check up and again we are blessed – Cancer Free! Yippee! It’s been 9 wonderful months of good news for us! :D

A little history - She was diagnosed with NSCLC at stage IIIB, mediastinal node involvement in August 2002. She declined surgery and opted for Taxol/Carbo chemo with radiation treatment.

May you and yours all be blessed with good news!


P.S. WoooHoo! Yippee! *happy feet dance* :D

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Hi Kerry,

So glad to hear about your mom. Each time the scans are done and

the news is good, it's such a great feeling

Dx: 12/01 Adenocarcinoma NSCLC Stage 11B, Right lung removed

1.2002. 4/02 Cancer spread to lymph nodes restaged IV. 6 Taxol/

Carboplatin treatments beginning in May 2002 ending Aug 2002. Still

in remission.

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All of your excited replies mean so much! Those of us here either fighting the fight against cancer or supporting our loved ones that are doing the fighting are the only ones that can truly appreciate what incredibly great news this is.

Prayers for all of us to win this fight! :mrgreen:


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