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Well Hello Everyone!

Gosh I feel so touched that you guys missed me! :D I'm sorry that I haven't been posting... things have been really crazy. I'm looking for love in all the wrong places... And its left me with no computer!...

I feel terrible that I still haven't been able to get my Mom to get scanned but she feels really good. I hope that things will be okay when she gets scanned in August like she said. Sometimes I feel like I'm just being so pessimistic but i'm really not I just want everything to be okay.

I'm so upset about Shannons Mike dying and Karma's Dad, Renees Mom... It really hurts me deeply. I hate cancer. I am so touched by the spouses here like Shannon and Carleen, they have these deep loves.. just everyday Men who fill there hopes and dreams with love. I'm so happy for them on one hand but so sad that they have to face lung cancer. I can only hope of finding a love like thiers... someone to face life with all the good and the bad. To spend every second of every day in love together just cherishing every moment.

I can only look forward to the day when they find a cure for this horrible disease, or when we will be united with our loved ones again, in a place where everyones dreams come true and lung cancer does not exist.

I work in the stock market big deal.. its only money.. Ever since lung cancer came into our live I have felt the need to do something more meaningful with my life.. to love like I have never loved to make every day count and to be a good person who doesn't take things for granted.

Many blessings you my friends.


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Glad to see you back Laurie! and thank you for the personal mention in your post! My mom joined the group today. you can see her posting under the grieving sections. Cancer DOES suck! one good thing is it has brought me such great people that i have met here and i can say i don't want to change that.

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