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Here we go -- again. (Still)


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So, tomorrow is the day I will see the Pulmonologist - the one I've relied on since I first found out about the scourge. He has films and scans on CD, and will be the one -- if there is a one -- who will cut through all the crapola and let me know what's going on.

Even that wasn't without a little drama. Last week when I called to ask for the CT scan on a CD, I was told it would be ready the next morning (Friday) -- any time after 8:00 a.m. At 8:10 I arrived. It wasn't ready. (surprise! NOT) I waited the 15 minutes they told me it would take, then 30 minutes, then 45, and called them again. He said it was a long study and he'd out in a few minutes. He finally appears after I've waited over an hour, and shows up with copies of the films. NOT the CD I asked for -- films. When I tell him I need the CD, he looks at me like I'm a Martian, and says that doctors can't read CDs. Huh? I have to tell him, and even offer to take him to my doc's office (it's on the 4th floor - same building) to show him that this doctor DOES look at the CDs. Good grief. So then he tells me their CD machine is "busted." So, I ask when it will be fixed, and he tells me I can get it this week.

I call Monday and ask for it again, but this time I reach a nice young woman named Lisa. I asked Lisa if their CD was fixed, and when she didn't understand why I was asking, I told her what the first guy had said. She then tells me they have at least a dozen CD burners there -- another surprise? NOT! She says it takes less than 15 minutes to copy these, and she will be happy to do it for me. I asked for the chest x-ray to go along with it, and she said that if it wouldn't all fit on one CD she'd just copy the chest x-ray films if that was ok, and I assured her it was.

This morning, I go to claim my CD, and get the same guy as last week. Ugh. If Lisa had made the copy, he wasn't finding it, so I started all over and told him what I needed. He started in on the same "docs can't read these CDS" story, and I stopped him before he got it started and told him that wasn't really his problem, now was it? Just make the copy, ok? (Lesson #658 why people get gray hair!) Finally, 20 minutes later, I walked out of there, CD in hand, across the lobby, up the elevator to the 4th floor, and handed it to the receptionist at my doc's office, and told them I'd see them tomorrow for my appointment. Whew.

I am, as usual before seeing this particular doctor, quite calm about tomorrow, as I have faith in him. Even if it's not great news, he won't be about gloom & doom, but will be ready to tell me what WE will do to make it better, and what he will do to help. God bless him.

After all the rigamarole I've already been through, including the runaround over getting one little CD, this appointment tomorrow will be a breeze!!!

Di :)

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I hope you're taking notes, Dianne. There's a book in here somewhere, don't you think? :?:D

We'll be waiting to hear from you after tomorrow's appointment. But I too, have sort of this nervous little pit in my stomach about what might be on that CD. Somehow, it's hard to have faith that it's your scans...isn't it? :roll:

Your luck, it'll be Barry Manilow in concert or something, eh? 8)

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