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Angie Daughter of Bill

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Hello all! I took my Dad to the doctor today. The news was not good. He has significant progression in the T12 vertebrae. He also has to areas of uptake on the left femoral head. (where the leg bone joins the hip bone) The T12 vertebrae is what has been causing the pain. Dad has also lost 11 pounds in just under one month. The onc. feels that the weight loss is due to progression of the disease. (his words) Dad is set for a CT of the chest and abdomen. He is also seeing a radiation oncologist on Thursday of this week for radiation to the spine. Since there is progression, Iressa is off my Dad's list of meds. :( Dad got a B12 shot today in preparation to start a new chemo on the 16th of this month. He will be getting Alimta. Please pray that Alimta does it's job and is really nice to my Dad!

There was so much to take in at today's appointment. I feel o.k. with it though. I'm just so glad that Dad will be getting some pain relief. He has a whole new cabinet full of drugs. He is now taking Megace to increase his appetite, Lactulose to help with his plumbing, Oxycontin 40mg twice daily for the pain, Lortab 7.5 for breakthrough pain, Medrol dose pack for inflammation around his spine, and Folic Acid to prepare for the Alimta. Whew!!!!!! What a list! BUT.........the good news is that the doctor listened to us. He gave Dad a pill or liquid for EVERY problem that he is having.(somewhere I have heard "better living through chemistry" :) )

Dad is feeling like he doesn't have much time left. I say he has to make it at least 10 more years. (so he can see both of my babies graduate from high school!) Dad is not in the "fighting cancer mode" lately. He is almost ready to give up! That's o.k.....I have enough fight in me for the both of us. Somehow, someway, I WILL pull him out of this!!!!! I'm not ready to give my Dad up..........I'm not ready to let this cancer beat us............so I'm NOT giving in!! Hopefully, this is just a bump in the road.(with a few curves thrown in the mix!)

Thank you all for your prayers and your concern. Please continue to pray for us. Could you also add my two little girls to that list of prayers? The girls are seeing that Papa is feeling pretty bad lately. They are asking lots of questions. (It's sooooo hard..........Dad has been groaning in his sleep due to the pain. It wakes all of us up at night.) I might not be around as much in the weeks to come. Since Dad will be starting radiation, I assume it will be daily.............I probably won't have much computer time. Please know that I will be think of you all and pray for you all when I am not around here. Love to you all!!!!!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Boy Angie, Billy and the girls will be in my prayers too. I really hope that the Alimta will be the answer for him. Massachusetts, Rich has directed me to so many links that sound so hopeful regarding this new drug. I hope that it agrees with your dad. I was impressed with the lack of side effects of this one and the statistially significant increased survival rates in this one.

Blessings to you and your whole family, and even though you are not posting regularly, you can be assured that you will be in my thoughts daily.

Cindi o'h

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wow it seems like your hardest fight is still ahead of you. Its the most exhausting, challenging, frustrating and emotionially depleted time you will be in. BUT make time for the small things with you dad and the girls. Make the moments that your all together count and remember them. Take pictures, take video, have your girls write there grandfather a letter and ask him to write them one too.

Please don't think I am telling you its over or to give up, BUT just to ensure that in 10 years if he does pass away then, you have those things to look back on and smile over.

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Dear Angie,

You have my prayer for hope and comfort for your wonderful dad. I admire your fighting spirit. You are quite an impressive and enthusiastic young lady.

How old is your dad, by the way? I don't think I see it in his profile. I am optimistic that the radiation will help tremendously with the pain. It may take a week or so of treatments for him to see a big difference, but when some of that pain is gone, he will probably get back a lot of fight, too. It's hard to be optimistic when you are in so much pain.

Take care of yourself, too, and those beautiful daughters and loving husband, and don't forget to breathe!!!



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sorry I'm late in responding to your post; please know you and your family are in my thoughts daily.

Here's hoping once your dad's new medication regimen kicks in, his spirits will begin to lift again....we all know how hard it is to be upbeat when we're in constant pain.

Hang in there!!


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