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65 yr old's hair black again


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Just curious if anyone else in this age bracket had their hair grow back the color it was when they were 30 years younger? (after losing it through chemo treatments). This happened to my hubbie who turned very gray at first only to have it grow in nice and dark. He gets remarks about how young he looks. Lucky guy!

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My hair came back dark and curley. I try to blow dry it straight, but it ends up curley within minutes. Some people want it blonder, while others love the curl. I have had people to even tell me "wear the wig till it grows long again!" I like it fine- pleased just to have hair! I didn't lose it with this chemo. Thank goodness!

Cheryl :lol:

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Mine came back a shade darker than before but I was blessed with dark hair genes and have only a few gray hairs. It is the same now except it is still curly. I can tell the curl is getting a little looser now and will probably be back to normal body in a few months. I have to part it on the other side now...cow licks everywhere. :oops:


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