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Boss From Hell, Part II


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Well, I just have to vent about this. As you may remember, this is the boss who asked me for doctor's notes in September for a TWO DAY absence and an absence of three days BACK IN APRIL. The saga continues - I just found out that next Tuesday I will have to process 11 new employees by myself as she gave her "pet" a week off to go on a cruise. No matter how much I think about this, and try to be logical about this, I keep coming up with the conclusion that she is trying her best to get me to quit. Without going into boring detail, over the past two years since I've returned from cancer treatment she has continuously dumped more and more work on me to the point that I really feel this is being done to get rid of me. I'm wondering if my treatments cost my company a great increase in insurance premiums and therefore i'm a target. Isn't that discrimination? How do you prove that? With all I've been through over the past two years, I really feel i'm at the end of my rope. I don't feel I should live the rest of my life (however short that is) being miserable every day. Yet I need the money. It seems I always need money, no matter how hard I work. Well i needed to vent. Has anyone encountered a similar situation where they feel their employer is deliberately trying to push them out because of cancer(expensive ) related issues? I am documenting these issues in the event I get the ax. And unfortunately, I cannot talk to HR as She is HR. I'll never work for HR again, that's for SURE. Thanks for listening. Sure wish life would get better. PS - If anyone out there is in the New York City area and needs a great Administrative Assistant who is more than happy to work her tail off in exchange for money and some respect, please private e-mail me so we can talk. There, I made my pitch!


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I thought I was the boss from hell. I am laughing so hard at your last line. Sorry I am too far away to offer employment help.

How do you prove you are being discrimianted against? By keeping excellent documentation. Document anything and everything you feel is discrimination. If she asks only you for a doctor's excuse and others don't have to provide one etc. You may also consider calling her on it. Sit down and talk to her and say you get the feeling she wants you to leave and tell her why (document the conversation). If she's HR, she should know enough to behave herself after you've complained.

Good luck...

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Shoot her.

Claim insanity.

Get out of jail, free.

Sue HER estate for mental anguish.

Take her job.

Did I mention I have a bulldozer in my yard currently and 40 acres of hayfield in the backyard? Ever been to Michigan?

DISCLAIMER: I'm kidding! I feel for you, I had the boss from hell BEFORE cancer...but if my cancer was caused by stress, I know the trigger! :shock:

Take care, I hope it all gets better...maybe one of you two will win the lottery and it'll be a moot point...

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