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We finally got Bob's test results


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It is as we thought, sadly. The onc said today he has bone mets to spine, and he also said , and I quote, "there is no reason for you to endure this kind of pain!"

He sees the radiation onc tomorrow. The onc is just beginning to treat him, and is ordering all other tests to be sent to him as well.

Bob and Jo taped this visit and we are going there later to listen. They sound really weary.

Bob told the doc he has no strength to fight at all, and his answer was that the pain is a major contributing factor to that, and that he will be able to reduce it quite a bit. He says Bob will be pretty tired with the radiation and the pain meds.

Not sure what all else he said but I will know more after hearing the tape.

Thanks for all you prayers for Bob and Jo, and please pray for the radiation to help!

Love and prayers to all


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Dear Nell,

The pain can be terrible. Back pain is what finally caused my husband to seek help. If the oncologist has difficulty controlling pain, see a pain management specialist. Richard is on a Duragesic patch and neurontin which controls the pain well. We will pray for all of you.


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