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Hall pass being returned...need another to recover from WDW


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Hi Everyone,

What a magical place Walt Disney World truly is. We had a remarkable four days with great weather. I'm so wore out from going, going, going all day long. We went to Seaworld, Epcot, Universal & Islands of Adventure and spent Halloween night at the Universal Halloween Haunt Night...it was unbelievable. Bill was in a wheelchair during our times at the parks and believe me when I tell you that I don't feel one little bit guilty about EVERYTHING I ate, because I worked it all off pushing him around. I did finally concede and we rented an ECV the last day...my dogs were wore out!

I would just like to say that when it comes to people with disabilities, or in a wheelchair as Bill was, these parks were so accomodating and this trip restored my faith in the human race. Bill was so concerned that people would misunderstand his need for the wheelchair when they saw him get out and walk into the ride/show lines. He was so self-conscious about being in one...but people didn't hesitate to offer their spots in line so he didn't need to wait and were very helpful about helping me keep him balanced getting in and out of the wheelchair. It taught me a huge lesson about the things we take for granted being able to walk.

As I posted yesterday, Scan results from the test we took just before we left for our weekend came back and they were clean. We are so very grateful for that and are back and ready to fight those pesty brain lessions!

Thank you again to EVERYONE for all your support during my "dark" days, I'm planning to stay focused on the fight and keep my spirits up, taking things one day at a time...(Thanks Peggy...I kept it with me and read it daily :wink: )!

Love to all,

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Well, I'm not supposed to be granting hall passes, but I truly understand the need for a break after a trip to Disney World. We took our kids last year.............WHEW! It was exhausting! It was also the best trip that we have ever been on. Like you said..........it was magical. (I guess that's why they call it "Magic Kingdom". :wink: )

Gear up for the fight now. I'll lend you my boxing gloves if you need them.

In my thoughts and prayers~~~~


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