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Strike Frankenstein- Just Call Me Vampiress Cheryl


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I just got home from the hospital, where I spent the day receiving a blood transfusion due to my low blood counts. I got a call from my doc telling me to get back in to the hospital yesterday for a blood tranfusion. It wasn't bad, just boring. My boss seemed human about my taking off yet another day of work.

Just in case you haven't noticed, My new keyboard came!!! Yeah :lol: I hate not being able to respond to you guys. Hope you all had a spooky Halloween!


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Thanks guys! I am feeling better already- maybe that is psychological! Ha! Gina, I love those pink boots. They feel like house slippers, which are good for neuropathy ridden feet. The hubby said they make my feet look giant! Yeah, I have to agree with him. I had to get a size "9", cause they were out of "8's." I just wear bigger socks! Ha :oops: I opened the picture on the avator to only see these feet the size of "Big Foot's." My sister put it on the avator for me. You can't really see my baby, because the picture is too dark (o.k... the feet do take up quite a bit of room too, but I mean really now.) I will put up another picture soon to show off the colt. His name is still undecided. He is so funny and cute. He bucks at his Mom all of the time, but falls cause his legs all land at different times. Ha!!!



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Glad to see that you can finally type at home. Keyboards seem to be important when it comes to the message board. :D As for the pink boots, I love them. I have a pair of brown ones about like that that are called uggs. I guess because they are so very ugly. but boy I sure like the way they feel on my feet.

Hope the "fillup" works for a long while and that you feel better and better.


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