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Today is the 11 year anniversary of my first date with Becky. We walked along the river walk in downtown San Antonio and had dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse back before they got rid of the seafood sauce she liked so much. When they brought us a loaf of sourdough, Becky cut two pieces and took the one from the middle, and so I fibbed and told her I actually preferred the heels to demonstrate how compatible we were. And then spent the next ten and a half years eating the heels to every loaf of bread we came across. Looking back, I think she probably still would have liked me even if I didn't eat the heels, but I wasn't taking any chances back then.

When we got back to her dorm room, she kissed me and started my whole world aflame.

It is still burning.

I miss you, my love.


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All your posts make me cry (I mean that in a good way). Your writing is a wonderful tribute to your wife and to the relationship you had. I wonder if you should print them out for your daughter - I think when she is older she would really treasure these bits and pices of memories of her mom.

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Yes, I too find myself in tears over most of your post, and this one was no exception.

I find the love that the two of you shared to be absolutely beautiful, and I believe your daughter will feel it and be comforted by that as well.

Thinking of you both,


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Just beautiful Curtis. I feel your pain and loss. You were blessed with many wonderful years of memories and you describe and remember them in a way that like others have said your Daughter will cherish. My only wish is that you could have Becky back and of course I know that isent possible in this lifetime, but I am praying for you to find a love that at least comes close to the one you have shared with Becky.

God Bless You Curtis,


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