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OK, I have to pipe in too about wierd goings ons...


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Ok, the last time my mom and I talked, she was telling me that she came in the house from work and she said she could smell my s-dad like he smelled when he was fresh out of the shower. She said it was so strong, she ran up the stairs into their bathroom, and she could smell his aftershave and cologne - of course there was no one there, and the shower was dry - And of course she cried - a lot..... And I have been dreaming about him... I dont quite remember what the dreams are of, just that I know I am dreaming of him. When I think of him lately - I cry - hard.... even though its been almost 6 months the pain is still very raw.

I am flying to Atlanta on Saturday (Yea - no husband or kids!) to spend the weekend with her and to go see John Edwards from Crossing over. If anything, I get the spend the weekend with her...

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