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Only mine dont involve smells. Two things that have happened to me since my mom has passed are 1. The night I came home after she had passed, there were 3 deer right beside my house standing there right as we pulled up. There were us 3 girls, my sister, me and my mom who all lived together before I got married. That was my signal that she is ok. I asked her before she got really sick to give me signs that she was ok when she got to the other side, so I believe that was one of them. The second thing that happened to me was one night I was pulling out my wedding photos from my closet and I had to reach high to grab the one book, well when I got it a picture came flying out and hit the ground and when I picked it up and looked at it, it was a picture of my mom and my dad from when we were on vacation in niagara falls and they were sticking their middle fingers up and smiling at the camera. This picture had nothing to do with my wedding album so I dont know where it came from. I didnt know how to take that picture at first :lol: but I smiled and was happy that she kept her promise.


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