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Hello to all my dear message board friends.

I am still in Oregon completing my radiation to my spinal area. From like C-4 to Lumbar & brain mets. Feeling good & stronger walking since rad. My Rad Onc ROCKS!!! Going to the coast Sunday to camp in the Yurts . Last Rad on the 9th of Nov then North to Alaska on the 11th. Can't wait to get home! There I will begin a pill form of chemo called...Temodar sp? I believe that is the spelling. Anyone heard or done this? How about you Dr. Joe?

Time for the drive to Portland. Rachel

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Earl was on Temodar for 2 months. 3 pills/day for 5 days and then no pills for 23 days. He did get sick to his stomach the first day each time. He took them right before going to sleep to lessen nausea and I gave him a compazine with each dose.

I understand this is considered a brain cancer med and does cross the blood/brain barrier.

I think Earl had way too many brain mets by the time he started on the Temodar and even though the rad onc wanted him to continue with it, he was too, too weak to really do any more treatment. I still have a full month supply of the Temodar. Seems like such a waste.

Hope you do well on it. I understand they are having some good success.

Happy going home, just in time for the winter.

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Not only do you make the best of things (weekends at the gorgeous Oregon coast)...but you're feeling good too!! So glad to hear it. I betcha there's gonna be one happy pup in Alaska when you get home....eh? :wink:

Keep us posted on how you're doing. Glad to know tx has been successful and that you'll be headed home soon.

One question....what are the Yurts? :?

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