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A plea from Joyce SJAS - please help this cause--Northern CA


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Dear Community,

I have been off the Board for a couple of weeks and I am typing this on the dash, so forgive me for not keeping up with you. This is what's happening:

At the end of Oct., I called around trying to find out what events I could volunteer for LCAM. There was NOTHING! Not one! Well, that's not ok with me This is what's happening:

"Shine A Light" on Lung Cancer

Old Courthouse Square

Santa Rosa, California

Nov. 12th - Friday

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Bring flashlights/lightsticks and help us bring

lung cancer out of the dark ages

This rally desperately needs your help. We have some interest from the local media but we need to make it impossible for them to ignore. We have a city permit (got it yesterday!) and ALCASE is the organization lending its name and some materials. (ACS and ALA could not help in any way on "such short notice" - no materials, speaker, nothing! Of course, I did tell them that it was such short notice because they hadn't planned anything.)

What I need from you: H E L P !!

Can any of you make it or do you have family/friends in the area who could come? Santa Rosa is 50 miles north of S.F. I desperately need more speakers. One speaker I had really hoped to get is a local doctor whose wife was dx'd last year. Sadly, she died on Monday. You know how hard it is to link up with l.c. patients (find any l.c. support groups lately )I am running out to work this a.m., but I will be checking the computer late this afternoon.

Everyone says that this is impossible - but I don't believe it! With passion and caring anything is possible. Let's show 'em!

p.s. if anyone wants to take a moment and put this in the other sections, I'd appreciate it. I am literally out the door....



Husband Steve, 51, non-smoker dx'd 8/03

Stage IV NSCLC w/bone & brain mets.

Thoracentesis 2x, chest tube 9 days


radiation chest/back/hip



Gemzar/Cisplatin - 4x


7/21/04 - Iressa started

7/04 - Paracentesis

Sons - Alex, 16 & Scott, 15

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Thank you Ginny and Elaine!

Quick update: KFTY Channel 50 has asked me to come on their a.m. show on Tuesday. Guess the plan is to interview me for 5 min., break for commercial, then return for another 5 min. This will no doubt be some of the longest 15 min. of my life :shock: I am not a public person, to say the least.

So where are all you Californians? I need you up here!

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At Heather's walk today, Harn from this board had been asked to speak in front of this large crowd. She was very nervous beforehand. She did a fantastic job and did not sound one little bit nervous. And she was very brave, she gave her real age. LOL

When the subject is of such importance to us, we rise to the occasion (never remember if there are 2 c's or 2 s's). You will do well because it is so important to you.

We have to get the message out in order to raise the funds for research. Each of us try to do it in baby steps everyday. You have an opportunity to take a 'giant step'. You go girl, make us proud.

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You are such a gem! Deep breathing...deep...deep...

The walk sounds fabulous and wow, what an act to follow. Real age, huh. Funny, the first thing my sister said, "Cut that hair and dye it!" Nothing like a sister to tell it like it is.

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Kudos to you on taking this step! I am sure you will be GREAT. I will let my inlaws know about the rally and ask if they can stop by. The inlaws are in Rohnert Park, right next door, but I know Friday is a late work day for them. Hope the event can get some good coverage in the Press Democrat, the county newspaper. Please try to send a 'Press Release' to the editor and health editor on the event. Maybe they can follow up with an article and give them some data to use and refer them here for more background/stories. Please keep us posted.

You are so lucky to be in Sonoma County. :mrgreen: I always look forward to visiting family there. I was lucky to live there in the mid-late 70s and is where I met my husband :wink:

Donna B

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Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Glad the tv interview is behind me. At least the kids didn't come home from school with bags over their heads, so I guess it could have been worse :roll: Now I just have to get through the live radio interview tomorrow.

My sister was worried about my hair - sheesh, she should have said something about makeup. Thought of it about five minutes before I had to leave and couldn't find any. I've lived in "laid back" northern CA too long. Ahh, the hazards of having two sons :wink: (Didn't do the hair either!)

Donna, it would be great if you in-laws could come. Tell them to be sure to catch up with me as I fly around in a panic!

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