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Fay A.

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I am very sorry to hear this. I am struggling with the same issues with my dog and best buddy, Houdini. I am keeping him with me for as long as he is comfortable and appears to be enjoying his life. But it is always at the back of my mind that the time will come when he is in too much pain, and then I will have to let him go. The Vet told me that she wouldn't recommend radiation because it would make him ill and in pain and wouldn't really extend his life by much.

I'm walking a similar path to the one you are on. And I am sorry. I have a good idea about how you feel. Houdini is my best buddy. I hope with all my heart that your pup responds well the the meds (as Houdini has) and that you have a long time yet with one another.

Much Affection,

Fay A. PS and I really did mean that I knew a lot of people in Texas and that as a result of what they've told me I have a good idea of how Bush's policies affected that state and over the past 4 years our country. Sorry for misspeaking...or is that misstyping? :oops:

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Thank you for your kind words regarding my dog. I know you know how difficult it is to see your pet in pain and suffering. He seems to be in better spirits today. Hopefully the steroids will treat him better than they treated me. I hope Houdini is feeling better as well. What type of dog is he?

Don't worry about your comments on Texas. I honestly did not take offense nor did I take it personally. Just wanted you to know that even though Texas is definately a Bush state, not all of us are his fans! I really try to take it all with a grain of salt. Politics is a crooked business, no matter which side you are on. But, thank you for being concerned about my feelings. That is why I love this board.

Take care Fay,


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