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Two whole years...!

cindi o'h

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Hello All.

I spent the morning at a lung cancer symposium put on by the UofM cancer center. There were three chief speakers: an oncologist, a thoracic surgeon, and a researcher in the area of smoking addiction.

I woke up this morning well aware that it was TWO YEARS ago today that I was diagnosed with nsclc lllb. Who would have thought that I would be here today to talk to you about it? While we all struggle with medical care and decision-making and the stresses of having a chronic illness that affects every area of our lives, it was uplifting to me to see the doctors and nurses and researchers behind the scenes tirelessly dedicated to us and to our survival. God bless them for their dedication. Without their help and the direction of our good Lord, I would not be asking today for your help to celebrate this precious gift of life with me.

God bless every one of you for your courage to fight this disease. May we each have our victory in battle.

Cindi o'h

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congrats to you for your wonderful anniversary. Anniversaries and birthdays are now extra special good things, aren't they?

I now celebrate them with something special--a pedicure, a facial--and last spring on my 3 year anniversary, I had a whole body facial!

Do something fun!


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Cindi, that's amazing and wonderful!

I remember wondering when I was diagnosed if I'd get to see the Olympics again (yes!), or find out what happens to Donna on The West Wing (yes!), or to vote again (yes!), or to get to enjoy the holidays again (pending!). The time has flown by since early June when this nightmare started, so my feelings of dread are all but gone.

One day, I want to be where you are and look back and say wow -- 2 years have passed (or, fill in whatever number of years!) since (fill in the blank). When I wondered in early June if I'd have much of a future, I guess I now look forward to looking backward! :P

Keep up the good work, you!!


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Wow! I am so happy for you. You have given us all so much hope and inspiration!

I am glad you were able to see behind the scenes and that what you saw gave you hope!

May the anniversaries continue! We all go through so much together, it seems, though are paths are all unique.

For me, on here, when someone is successful or has good results, I feel like we all do.


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First - Congratulations on your anniversary!

Second - I am soooooooooo bummed out - I was at the U of M lung cancer forum on Saturday too. I sat pretty close to the front of the audience so I didn't notice you. I think I would have been able to pick you out of the crowd by your picture on the board. It would have been fantastic to meet you face to face!

I did also place a call to you tonight (you had given me your number a few weeks ago).

Cheers to many more years of good health!


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