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Monster Squash??????


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Ok, everyone--I usually don't post here, but you have got to hear this story....It happened to me today at the grocery store.

I'm doing some shopping, tons of other things on my mind, you know how that goes. I get to the checkout and the total is $76 and some cents. I swipe my debit card, thinking all the time, that it seems really expensive today, but whatever. I was buying produce and that's an arm and a leg right now here in Illinois, I bought a roast for dinner--usually don't do that, you know. Husband's with me, we load up bags and go home.

I set the ticket on the table because I need to enter the debit in my checking account, and check it over after I put the groceries away to see what added up to so much $$$$...I can't believe my eyes when I see that I was charged 45.03 for an acorn squash!!!!?????? What is up with that???????? I swear, I bought only one acorn squash, and I distinctly remember they were 99 cents a pound.....

Looked at squash, still in disbelief here, and see that the tag with that plu number on the squash says 4705. Ok, now it's all getting clearer--I was charged $47.05 per pound for this squash!!!!! Husband said, 'I'll take the ticket in and get your money back for you." He did--said they all had quite a laugh at the customer service counter......

These dilemmas only started when I got into this eating healthier kick....there were no mistakes in ringing up bags of potato chips and cartons of ice cream!!!!

So, everyone, beware of the bottom line when trying to get your vitamin A and beta carotene!!!!!


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