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Lung Cancer Awarness Month email


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You know how there are emails that get forwarded around for other cancer awareness months. Does anyone know if there is one for Lung Cancer already?? If not maybe we can come up with one?? We can maybe compile some links and info to go on it. I have a friend who does graphics so maybe i can ask her to come up with a nice clear ribbon for it? Just a thought!

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Oh my I have an idea that might work really well!!!! Well not sure we can do it but that wonderful wonderful photo montage (had enya playing to it, but not sure if that would be allowed) Maybe use that (if people would allow it) and send the link via mass emails. with facts popping up in between pictures of our loved ones and people on this board (if people agree) and then at the end have the ribbon and a November lung cancer awareness month..maybe at the beginning state lung cancer awareness month? Is this possible or is this just a crazy vision? I just want it to get out there and touch people and make them think, make them act!!!! We can give them a link to this, and other sites also!!!

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I sent this out:

All these beautiful people

Some still with us

Some passed on,

Mothers and fathers

Sons and daughters

Husbands and wives,

Ask you to try

To identify their plague:

It kills more men each year

Than prostate cancer,

It kills more women each year

Than breast cancer,

It kills three times more people

Per year than AIDS.

Yet there aren't any public outcries,

There aren't any celebrity sponsors,

There aren't any fund raising marches.

The government allocates it 1/9th of

Funds to research as it does to other diseases,

Although they've made billions off its sources.

These people have to endure

"Second class citizen" status from doctors,

And horrible fatality rates.

Have you figured it out yet?

Lung Cancer is a merciless Killer.... To stop the death of innocent people, scientists need more funding. We also must stop blaming the victims of this horrible disease.

Please help to see that lung cancer gets the research funding and attention necessary to put an end to it's killing rampage!

Please help by forwarding this message to everyone on your email list to raise awareness for lung cancer awareness month. People must be aware that lung cancer is not just a disease of long time smokers. It is attacking more and more young non smokers. It is also a disease that NO ONE deserves. It is a vicious killer and robs families of young mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles -any valuable relationship. Please help spread the word that we will no longer tolerate shoving the number one cancer killer in the closet.

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The picture montage is a great Idea, however it was 2.5 meg in its entirity and for people on dialup connections, it would most likely anger them in waiting for the email to download each time. If you wanted to include the link to it, feel free....

Link - http://lchelp.com/community/Movie1.html

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