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Celebrating One Year of Gratitude


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I just wanted to share some gratitude with y’all. So much I've learned this last year. Since lung cancer has been put in my life, I have done a lot of self-education about the disease, A LOT of that education being done on THIS board by reading about all of YOUR experiences, treatments, heartbreaking losses, hopes, positive thinking, living with the loose ‘beer trucks’ and monsters under the bed, humor and incredible courage. Although I do not write/post very often, I look forward to reading your wise and many-times humorous postings and compassionate responses to others for inspiration and hope to help get me through the FEAR. I cannot possibly thank everyone, but a so many of you who are regular contributors have helped ME. THANK YOU: Becky, Katie, David P, Connie, Dean Carl, Curtis, Elaine, Fay, Cat, Okdebi, Donna G, Ry, Margaret, Mary Ann, Ginny, Lucie and Don and SO MANY others.

The diagnosis and disease of my husband motivated ME to quit smoking – over 13 months tobacco freeeee! I am almost always in the midst of ever-present anxiety of the next set of scans. I am constantly on this board AT WORK(!); LC is ALWAYS on my mind. I have learned to be compassionate about the fact that my husband and many of those I care about, still have the tobacco addiction in their lives. I have learned to TRY and educate others that lung cancer can affect those that have NEVER smoked, or have quit many years before. I have learned to try and be active in promoting early detection for others and be active in the sending out letters requesting that more money be spent on RESEARCH and finding a CURE. I wish my husband would be more pro-active for his own health. :roll: I am also learning about anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients and how to incorporate more them into the foods I prepare and supplements I put in front of my husband to take. I pray that the next set of scans will be the next set of Good News for my family and all those affected by this disease.

2003 was a notable year of several milestone events. My beloved mother-in-law passed away from COPD after 6-months of home hospice care. We became first-time late-age homeowners. November 6th this year marks the 1 year anniversary date of my husband’s surgery and living one year with one lung. One year of surviving cancer, 27+ years together. I am grateful that he was back to an almost regular work schedule less than 4 weeks post surgery. We had a small Thanksgiving and Christmas at home last year, the first year we did not travel to family in northern California. We had a trip to Las Vegas just 6 weeks after surgery. In late February 2004, after he completed 6 chemo sessions, we had a trip to Napa wine country for his #51 birthday celebration. We got new living room furniture, a big screen TV and are planning some home renovations. We had a trip to Hawaii in July with close friends – he went snuba diving with our friend’s daughter! We had another unexpected trip to Mendocino in August and my husband learned he cannot be the underwater ocean diver he used to be… :shock: . Our daughter quit smoking 2 months ago! :D We are planning a large Thanksgiving dinner this year at home with my daughter, her boyfriend and some long-time friends. :D:P

Hubby has the first year post-surgery PET / CT scans next week and onc doc visit coming up right before turkey week, so I am saying some extra prayers this next week to get through the upcoming weeks ahead and needed to share some gratitude for the past year. I am beholden to all on this board and thankful to have this place to come to for support.


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Thank you so much for the inspiring story of your year--that even when the world seems to come crumbling down, there is joy and hopeful recovery!

On a more selfish point, I want to thank YOU for letting me know that I have been of some assistance to you on your journey! Today I was feeling rather useless --and your words lifted me!

Congratulations to your daughter for cutting smoking from her daily routine!

love and fortitude to you all!


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Wow! Congratulations to you and daughter on quitting smoking. Good for you! You sound like you are doing everything right. I think eating right and the supplements help a lot.

I also learn a lot from reading the posts here so I will join you in thanking everyone for posting their information. I learn so much just reading this board.

I am so glad all is going well for you and your family.


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Thanks, Donna

Your attitude of gratitude takes you a long way... thanks for sharing your story here. I, too, am a deep sea diver... I hope to one day be able to go gently under the water...I know I can't out-swim a shark, but then, I never could anyway. It would be nice though to have the confidence in scuba gear again. I will get my muscles in good shape, and then maybe try. Does your husband ever come here? I got my certification when I lived on the Big Island...beautiful off-shore dives there through the lava tubes and wonderful reefs... if he ever wants to talk diving, that would be fun.

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Well, shoot! Cindi used the "attitude of gratitude" that I was going to use. Anyway, I ditto her comment.

Your post was refreshing to say the very least. I think we need constant reminders of what we should be grateful for, including living in this wonderful country where we actually have "health care" - so many others do not!

It sounds as though you have been blessed this past year, several times over. Our God is an awesome God!

Donna, thanks for sharing your uplifting story!!



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Hey DonnaB, CONGRATULATIONS to your hubby, you and your daughter. HIP HIP HOORAY! This is ANOTHER GREAT DAY to BE ALIVE!

:D:D:D:D I am so very happy for you all.

Oh my how well I remember back 9 years ago when I started my journey and coming to that one year mark of being a survivor. WOW, you bring back memories. GOOD ONE THOUGH!! :wink: Here's to many many wonderful years for you and your family.

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