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Dad not RFA candidate, advice needed


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Saw an interventional radiologist today to see if my Dad was a candidate for radio frequency ablation. In a word - no. Because my Dad has >1 lung lesion, the radiologist felt that the benefits would be outweighed by the risks (esp.pneumothorax). Furthermore, he said they can't really get at lymph nodes (my Dad had one mediastinal lymph node light up on his PET).

Disappointed and unsure what to do next. Dad gets his third dose of chemo this week to complete round one. Next week he goes in for repeat scans. He's still feeling good, gets tired on day 3-4 after the chemo, but o/w is doing good, minimal nausea.

Not sure what to do next, praying for guidance. On the one hand, want to treat this cancer as aggressively as possible; OTOH don't want to trash his quality of life. So I feel like I'm walking a tightrope. Playing with the idea of going to Tucson for a second oncology opinion, get somebody else's take on things. I COULD start looking for a gutsier radiologist to do RFA, but not sure that's the right way to go.

Any thoughts? Prayers appreciated.

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