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Pls Send Good Luck/ Prayers


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My husband has a job interview in a city that would put us within 3.5 hours away from BOTH of our children--(who each live in a different city!).

It would also put us in a city where I KNOW there is decent health care--I grew up there!

Pls, pls, pls, send as much positive energy our way as you can. We REALLY, REALLY, need it. He goes this Wednesday. Yikes, only two days away!

The person who is considering hiring him, already knows about my medical history, which relieves me a great deal--If he gets the job, I won't have to worry about him being fired when they find out.

love and fortitude to you all.

PS-- At first my husband didn't want to see a lawyer about ADA discrimination--but today he said he would consider it!!!!! I don't know that it would bring us much in the way of money, but the only way to stop such behavior is to bring it into the LIGHT of day!!!!!

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Elaine, best of luck to your husband in his job interview

Perhaps this is a much better opportunity for him than where he was working.

please keep us posted


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