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Need a temporary pass


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Hi y'all! The Holiday Extravaganza event I'm chairing at our elementary school is still 25 days away, but I'm in the throes of it like you wouldn't believe, so I just have to request a hall pass. With a little help from you wonderful folks who are sending me stuff to sell at the event to raise funds for the site, I have every intention of returning said hall pass with some money attached to it.

I will try to check in with the site periodically, but can't spend as much time as I'd like. So, please be sure to e-mail me at jkstuart@bellsouth.net if you need me regarding the fundraising event or anything else. I carry the warmth of your friendship and comradeship in my heart each and every day, and I look forward to being back full-force again soon (but of course once the HE is over, I'll be so far behind with my family's Christmas shopping and decorating that I'll probably have to request another pass!)

With the warmest of thanksgiving wishes to you all,


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Hey you can have the Christmas Wreath hall pass. Good luck with the HE, make lots of money for the site.

You will love this...Tyler's hockey team does a fundraiser that is a "lock in". People pay $20.00 and leave their kids at the high school from 6-12 where they play in the gym, swim, eat, dance etc. supervised by the hockey parents and the team. I get to be the Hall Monitor!!! :P I am hoping for an official badge or something.

I love it.

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First a poultry-geist, now a guest...c'mon Fay, stop clucking around! I know eggsactly what you mean, you truly seem to be cracking up! Seems you have a scrambled brain cell or two or maybe you're just a bit fried....

It all boils down to needing a break...and I think you deserve time to feather your nest and buff your beak...

Take care, Fay. All yolks aside, you're NOT a birdbrain...


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Hey, Fay - and you should hear this too, Ry -

When I was a young woman (don't anyone DARE say Dark Ages!! :? )...I had this chest in my room where I was starting to collect coffee mugs, the odd sterling fork, some...uh....nice lingerie.

Most people would have called that a Hope Chest....right?

Not my Mom. She called it my "God Knows When Box"! 8)

I thought you'd get a kick out of that...and Ry, if ever someone requests a hall pass here to get married, I think the God Knows When Box shaped pass is most appropriate, don't you? :wink:

Fay...best of luck next week. Be sure to report back to us, eh?

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Oh my gosh..our moms must be related Addie!!

My mother, who never quite DID make Mother of the Year, called it my "HopeLESS Chest". She is such a dear, sweet mother :?:shock::roll:

Anyway, TeeTaa good luck with your sale, if I was the least bit creative I would have made something. And Fay, oh woman of mystery, I hope if you EVER travel anywhere remotely near ME, that you would let me know. IN the meantime, good luck to you, as always...

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