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Everyone...prayers needed for Sat.


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The forecast says Rain.

For Saturday.

The LCSC Lung Cancer Awareness Event.


HELP ME!!! I need your prayers.

WHY oh WHY does rain follow me? I've worked SO HARD getting all this ready by myself.......again......and now they say rain!

My stomach is in knots and I'm so worried that it will all go down the drain...literally.

Please send positive thoughts this way and vibes to KEEP the rain AWAY!!!

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Hey, it's only Tuesday! I don't know about your weather people up there in Dallas, but here in Houston, we don't put alot of stock into the forcast this far in advance! :?

Keep faith that they won't get it right for once and the weather will be beautiful!!!!!


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Hey Katie, I gotta go with TAnn on the issue of it's only TUESDAY! Up here in GOD'S COUNTRY the weather changes every 15 minutes. :?:lol: The weather reporters get a paycheck no matter what they perdict. Can we do an UNRAIN/NORAIN DANCE??? Sending PRAYERS! Get out from under that cloud silly girl!!! :roll::roll::P

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Well, MS. RY, I AM attending Saturday but that doesn't mean anything. I was planning on going the last time when the monsoons came.

EVERY single time I go to Dallas, whether it is to pick someone up at the airport, whatever, it STORMS. Whenever I think of Texas, I think of white knuckles on the steering wheel, on I-35 with lightening all around me and raining so hard I can't see out the windshield.

Yeah, come to think of it, maybe its me... :shock: What we need is some of the other people in Texas to take a road trip on Saturday and cancel my jinx out.... :wink:

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very funny!! I am doing a 4-day NO-rain dance and Tann is right, Tx weather changes faster than we can change our underwear and tonights forecast pushed the rain out to Sunday.

PLEASE keep those prayers coming and keep the rain away. (Cold is ok, and all you Northies I'm referring to 50 degrees when I say cold) he...he...he! I can handle just about everything except raining and wet.

Can't wait to see ya Deb....and yes!! ALL you other folks out there COME ON DOWN...we need you!

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Kiabunga fruititooti bingle bangle manchi foohoo!

I just made that up, but pretend like you see me doing a no-rain-dance ceremony to the no-rain gods muttering those words! LOL!

Texas is just like Indiana. If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes.




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Rain, Rain, Go Away. Little Katie B. wants you to stay away!

Okay. I did the official "No Rain in Texas" dance for the weekend of November 13th, and threw in November 25 through 28th just for the heck of it. Hope it works.

And Katie B., Thank you for everything you do.

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