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My impression of John Edward from "Crossing Over"


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Hi all, as you know I went to GA to see my mom this weekend and to also attend a seminar with John Edward. First let me say that everyone is entitled to their own opinions as to what their beliefs are, and I respect that. I am not looking to start a debate on whether or not it is real.. I think it is real for those who believe, and I am one of the belivers.. That being said, here is my opinion and only my opinion:


I never thought I could sit in a room of about 5000 people and cry like I did. Though I have to say that we were not one of the fortunate ones that were "read" I still feel that I was touched, so to speak. It was absolutely, positively amazing.. There really are no words to really describe the feeling you get when you attend something like that, but I for one saw that there were no gimmicks, no prompts, just a funny guy with a huge heart and an unbelievable gift to connect. So I know that there were people here that would be curious as to how it all panned out, so that was the brief synopsis of my take on it.

My visit however was short and sweet, but a visit is a visit. I miss her so much, I wish she would come home soon. On Sunday, I was the first one awake, and as I went downstairs, I was expecting him to be there to greet me in his usual "Morning" way. My mom told me that I was the first person to be back in the house since the services. It was an odd feeling, but better as I only cried once or twice. I can tell though my mom is still having a time trying to sleep. She slept most of the weekend I was there - which is fine - I think she got comfort knowing that there was another person in the house besides her. (Sigh) When is this supposed to get any easier? It pains me to see her hurt so much, even now - almost 6 months. I know as well as she knows this is a process - but how long will this process take? A rhetorical question, I dont expect an answer as I already know the answer is different for each person.... I am just thinking aloud. Thanks for letting me think out loud..


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Dear Angela,

First let me say this, BOY DO YOU MAKE CUTE BABIES!!! Oh they are precious!! Way toooooooo cute! Good JOB!!

Second, regarding John Edward, when I lost my son almost 5 years ago, I started to watch his show. Some people thought I was nuts,(that happened long before I lost my son though) :wink: but I honestly didn't care. I know that just watching his show and talking to others that watch his show, gave me GREAT COMFORT during the first couple of years during my greif. If he gives you comfort, then that's all that counts.

Is he a hoax? Don't know, and don't care! If it works for you, then go with it.

I found that keeping my families memories alive helped me get through some very tough times. Talk about your dad and share all your wonderful memories of him with others. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you may even get upset, but it does help us to heal. If people don't want to hear about your dad, then find someone who does! ((((((((ANGELA)))))))))

It will get softer my dear as time goes on.

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Great...FRANK will have a bathroom pass to the ladies' room...just great....I hope there are RULES on that crossing stuff - like an electronic tether or something... Yeah....maybe I'll bring that up in my next conversation with the Powers That Be....yeah, that's the ticket...

You're toast, FRANK!

Angela, I sent you a PM a while ago about my take on the whole thing. Wish you had been one of the chosen so you could truly see it in action.



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I'm a firm believer. My mother had "experiences" after my father passed away.

My father crossed over on Sept. 27th, 1999 from lung cancer. I took my daughter in law with me to see George Anderson in Seattle on Septermer 27th, 2000, the 1 year anniversary of my fathers death. I wasn't one of the lucky ones but I stayed after for the book signing and asked him why my father wouldn't have been one of the spirits to cross over considering it was his one year anniversary and George Anderson said it's because they have no concept of time where he is. That made total sense to me. I plan on going again if and when he or John Edwards ever comes near here again. I understand it's a 2 year waiting list to even get a phone call from John Edwards to get a reading but I'm seriously considering it and having the call made to my mother's, she is still in such grief it's heart breaking.


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Hi, I too am a staunch believer. My husband was not, he thought it was pure nonsense.....but.....when he was dying, I asked him to send me a sign, just so I would know, and to my suprise he said ok. I had lost a rosary and a little clock, which he knew meant alot to me and I had been looking for for 6 months. A couple nights after he passed, I found my rosary in his chair, tucked down into one of the arms,(actually was looking for an earring that fell off). When I looked on the floor I didnt see the earring, but got this message that I should look in the chair. I looked in one arm and the cushions and then thought,,,no it has to be on the floor. Another message said....look in the other arm,,,, lo and behold as I live and breathe, there was my rosary!!!! When I looked back on the floor,,,,,there was my earring,,plain as day, no way I could have missed it. As for the clock,,, I was sitting in the room with my grandkids and left to get some water,, when I came back the clock was sitting on the coffee table, I said ,,,,where did this come from? My grandson said..Oh I found it under that little box next to grandpas chair....I had cleaned under that box so many times I couldnt count, I asked him why he looked under the box,,,he said......I don't know grandma,, I just did..........I was shaken to the core by both of these incidents.....Very strange but as God is my witness,,,,absolutely true!!!! My husband was a total skeptic,,,,but he knew those two items had great meaning to me,,,, I think that was his way of letting me know that he is ok, and that he really is still here. A footnote here.......with all that had happened,,, I certainly was not thinking about either of those items at the time.

This is just my experience for what it is worth

Peace and blessings,


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I too am a firm believer in John Edwards and think he is truly amazing. Actually, I had two opportunities to see sit in his gallery when I was still living in NY and working in Manhattan, but turned them down both times as I could not leave work early. What I wouldn't give now to have the opportunity to sit in on a reading with him!! Actually, when my father was first diagnosed, we were both watching John Edwards together on television and I told my father to make sure he sends me a sign if anything should ever happen to him. He said he would and it would be his number 987. Over two years later, as my father lie in his hospital bed, unable to communicate as he was passing, I kept reminding him over and over to send me the signs, 987. Well, he did, many times and that has not been the only signs I have received from him. I find whenever I ask my father out loud to show me he is still around, he certainly does.

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I too am a firm believer. Before my mother died we had often spoke of life after death. When she passed away I was living in Australia and she was in Canada. The morning she died I was in bed, my partner was in the kitchen. All of a sudden the end of the bed started moving.. it was as if someone was standing at the end of the bed and pressing down on the mattress with both hands. This continued for about two minutes. I sat up in bed and looked and there was nothing there.. BUT.. the mattress was moving. An hour later my sister phoned from Canada and my mother had passed away at the exact time that my bed was moving!! I truly believe that she was giving me a "sign" that there is indeed life after death. The human body is composed of "energy"... and energy doesn't die.. just transforms and I believe that is what happens after one passes away. We just go on to another plane of existence.

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